Oct 232015

Free 18 inch doll clothes pattern

Doll clothes is expensive, so I make a lot of our daughter’s doll clothes myself. Some doll clothes I design, but I also like to use patterns. Doll clothes pattern cost money too, so I searched online for free patterns. I’ve found a solution to the problem though, because every Friday Pixie Faire offers one of their 18  inch doll clothes pattern for free.

I’ve signed up for their newsletter, and every Friday I receive an email announcing the free doll clothes pattern of the day. I log into my Pixie Faire account, download the freebie of the day and save it to a folder on my computer. I’ve been doing this for more than a year, which means I have lots of doll clothes patterns on my computer ready to be used, whenever I’ve got a touch of creativity.

The 18-inch-doll clothes patterns download as a PDF document, and they are easy to print out.


A couple of years ago I won a beautiful doll, but my two-year-old daughter has not been ready for it yet, so it has been put away for her third birthday. Over the years I’ve been making lots of different outfits for the doll, and I purchased a small suitcase, where I’ve put all the clothes in ready for her birthday.


On top of the free doll clothes patterns for 18-inch-dolls every Friday, you can also enter a doll and outfit giveaway every Monday. I have yet to win, but I always try.

Free doll clothes patterns

Get Your Free 18-Inch-Doll Clothes Patterns

Download today’s free doll clothes pattern here. This pattern is only free to download today 10/23/2015.

You can find more free doll clothes patterns here.

Make sure to sign up for the Pixie Faire newsletter to get notices of Freebie Friday every week. When you sign up for their newsletter, you even get two bonus free doll clothes patterns. Just sign up at the bottom of the Pixie Faire newsletter.

(Freebie Friday), and (Mod Doll Monday Giveaway) are weekly activities – on www.pixiefaire.com

Do you make your own doll clothes?

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  1. This is super cute jacket. I downloaded the patter and hope to get a chance to make this for my daughter. Thanks for sharing.

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