Nov 022015

General Mills Halloween Cereals

On our walk home after the gym Bellamy Blue and I stopped by Target to check out the Target Halloween clearance sale. We were hoping to find some snacks for the boys’ classes, but we did not find anything at a good enough discount to buy in large quantities. Most of the Halloween clearance were in the shape of candy, and candy is not needed at our house.

We did find a great deal on General Mills Halloween cereal on clearance, as the Halloween varieties were on Target Halloween clearance at 30 percent of $1.75 each. There is a $1/1 General Mills Halloween cereal coupon out, and it is still available, which makes these boxes $0.75 each.

Besides Target Halloween decor and costumes at 50 percent off, you can find Halloween themed grocery items at 30 percent off, and the Target Dollar Spot is also at 50 percent off, and you might find something that can work for stocking stuffers.



Target Halloween Clearance:

2 x General Mills Halloween Cereals on Target at $1.75 each = $3.50 – (2 x $1/1 General Mills Halloween cereals coupons) = $1.50  ($0.75 each)

Total saved $4.48


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  1. I stocked up on Halloween cereal at Target last year! Going to head there after school/work tomorrow and see what I can find!

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