Nov 172015

Oh boy do we love a good Swag Feast challenge, and yes it’s that time again.

Have you joined a teem at the Swag Fest Team Challenge yet? If not, hurry up and do so now, so that you can earn up to a  520 Swagup. A Swagup, is a bonus you get the next time you redeem for a gift card.As an example, I had a 200 Swagup in my Swagbucks account from the last challenge, and this week when I redeemed for a $25 Amazon gift card (2200 Swagbucks), I instantly received 200 new Swagbucks in my account. It’s so nice to start over at 200 instead of at 0 points Swagbucks.

So pull up a chair to the table, there’s plenty to go round at Swagbucks. Search the spread for your favorite fowl, white or dark, just save us a leg. Discover delicious dressings, try our gravy or cranberry sauce (canned or fresh) or even both if you’re feeling adventurous. Watch the mashed potatoes and corn bread stuffing though, they’re always a favorite so grab some quick. Don’t forget to Survey our dessert table for your favorite apple, pumpkin or pecan pie unless you’re overquota!  

This Swagfeast started on November 16th and it will keep on going until November 20th at 12 pm PT/3 pm EST, which means you still have plenty of time to earn the 200 points to qualify for the Swagup for participating in the feast

All members who participate and contribute at least 200 points to their team’s total will receive an exclusive Swag Up Shop Bonus. With the Swag Up Shop Bonus you’ll receive a 100 SB Bonus on up to 5 transactions at unique stores. That means, if you qualify for the Swag Up Bonus, you’ll receive a 100 SB Bonus every time you shop at a unique store up to 5 times (no minimum purchase value, must be a qualifying purchase). But that’s not all. Each member of each team, depending on where the team places will receive a SB bonus! 1st place: 20 SB 2nd place: 15 SB 3rd place: 10 SB 4th place: 5 SB.

So get out there and Swag your team to victory!

Not on Swagbucks yet? You can get gift cards for the upcoming holidays by signing up here for free and joining the Team Challenge!

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  1. You bet I’ve joined already!!! I love their challenges and earning Amazon gift cards that help me pay for the kids Christmas gifts every year!

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