Dec 012015

DISNEY GIFT CARD at Disney movie Rewards

Run and redeem your points. $10 Disney gift cards are now available for redemption at Disney Movie Rewards, and what a great reward to get for your points.

We usually love the 25 Days of Christmas ABC Family Disney bonus code promotion, but according to the Disney Movie Reward Facebook page, there will not be a 25 Days of Christmas promotion for 2015.

2015 Disney Movie Rewards ABC Family


Hopefully they will come up with another way for us to earn points. I encourage all of you to leave a comment at the Disney Movie Rewards wishing for another point opportunity instead or the return of the Disney Movie Rewards ABC Family 25 Days of Christmas promotion for 2015.

Even though there are no special Disney bonus codes yet, you can still find other ways to earn DMR bonus points.

How To Get Your Disney Movie Rewards Bonus Codes

  1. Log in at your Disney Movie Rewards Codes page.
  2. Get 5 Extra Points when you take the Disney Movie Rewards Facebook Challenge here.
  3. Connect your DMR account to to your Facebook account and get 25 bonus points.
  4. Also make sure to get your DMR Mystery Points by clicking through the email Disney Movie Rewards sent you this month.
  5. Check for surveys in your Disney Movie Rewards account – on the My DMR page to get more points.


Will you miss the Disney Movie Rewards ABC Family 25 Days of Christmas bonus code promotion?

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