Jan 082016

doll clothes storage

This week’s find of the week, was a doll clothes storage chest at Michaels. I went in to check out their holiday clearance, which was at 80 percent off, but I did not find anything we needed.  I did spot the perfect birthday gift for Bellamy Blue, who is turning 3 very soon. For her birthday she is getting a doll that I won a few years ago for her plus a bunch of doll clothes that I have either won or made myself for this very doll, s the doll clothes storage closet is perfect, and what a great price.

CREATOLOGY Dolls storage

80% Off Michaels Clearance Deal:

Doll storage on 80 percent off Michaels clearance at $7

Tax $0.42

Total out of pocket $7.42

Total saved $34.97

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