Jan 272016

ALDI clearance deals

Our local South Florida ALDI store is getting rid of all of their holiday goods.

Have you found any great clearance at your local ALDI store?

Our ALDI Clearance Deals:

Peppermint Chocolate Pie on ALDI clearance at $0.99

6 x Pop Tarts on ALDI clearance at $0.25 each

Salt $0.39

organic Milk $2.95

1 gallon Milk $2.59

Chicken Drumsticks $3.47

Pretzel Rings $0.99

Frosted Flakes $1.29

Stars and Marshmallow Cereal $1.29

Cinnamon Crunch Squares $1.29

Honey Nut Oats $1.19

Organic Salsa $1.69

Organic Super Grains $3.49

Cucumber $0.29

Broccoli $1.79

4 x Avocados @ $0.39 each

Organic Baby Spinach $2.49

Organic Grape Tomato $2.49

5 lbs Grapefruit $2.69

3 lbs Apples  $2.79

4.4 lbs of Bananas $0.29/lb $1.29

Total out of pocket $42.29

Total saved $46 (Compared to the lowest prices at our local grocery stores)



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