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instant cash sweepstakes

Do you love to shop? I sure do, but I do not like touching our bank account. This si why I find little ways here and there to earn gift cards and earn money online. One of my favorite places to earn money online is at Instant Cash Sweepstakes.

I have been a member at Instant Cash Sweepstakes for about 4 years, and while the most I have ever won at a time was $50, I’ve earned a lot of extra spending money over the years.

At Instant Cash Sweepstakes I earn about $10 a month, and while it might not sound like much, but it all adds up.

Why I Love Instant Cash Sweepstakes:

  • It is easy and fast
  • I can answer questions every 3 hours.
  • I can do it on my own schedule
  • It pays in paypal
  • It pays fast (Pay within 72 hours of redemption)
  • Minimum payout is $2
  • You can actually win the drawings.
  • You get matching earnings, when your friends sign up.
  • It’s a trustworthy program – I have been a member for 4 years with no problems – I have ALWAYS been paid within 72 hours.


Instant Cash Sweepstakes


What Do You Do At Instant Cash Sweepstakes:

  • Answer poll questions – brief quick questions – every hours
  • Every set of questions earns you tickets and coins
  • Answer a number of questions every four hours, and you will earn money too.
  • The amount of money earned every questions sessions varies from $0.01 – $0.10


The questions are brief, and answering them is quick. The more questions you answer, the better TrustScore you get, and the more earnings you get. I have a link to instant cash sweepstakes on my bookmark bar, and every once in a while throughout the day, I’ll go in and answer a few questions until I am rewarded a cash amount. While each amount seem small, they sure add up. I call Instant Cash Sweepstakes my penny picker, because all the pennies I earn add up. Our youngest son finds money everywhere, he just has an eye for it, and his piggy bank is much heavier than his older brothers. Do you pick up a penny, if you see it on the street?


Instant Cash Sweepstakes Explained


Instant Cash Sweepstakes Tips:

  • Keep Instant Cash Sweepstakes on your bookmark bar, so it is easy to access.
  • Every time you sit down at the computer, go in and answer a few questions…at least until you get your monetary reward.
  • Some questions will be repeated, if you give the same answer you will earn more tickets, coins, money and you will get a better TS score quicker.
  • Be consistent, as soon as doing ICS becomes a habit, you will start earning.
  • When you have more than 70000 coins, enter them into a four hour giveaway.
  • Try to enter your tickets on off hours such as on holidays, Sundays, in the middle of the night or early in the morning for greater chances of winning.
  • Share your ICS tips with your friends, because the more they earn the more you earn.



If you would like to give Instant Cash Sweepstakes a try, you can sign up at Instant Cash Sweepstakes here.

The above link is my referral link, but I only win if you win, and I only recommend sites that I have a great experience with.


Are you a member of Instant Cash Sweepstakes?

  8 Responses to “Instant Cash Sweepstakes Review – An Easy Way To Earn Money Online”

  1. […] extra every month. It won’t make you rich, but it all adds up. You can read our detailed ICS guide […]

  2. I just started with ICS yesterday. And other than the 50 cents I earned from the introduction session I have not earned anything else. I thought I was to earn a few pennies each set of surveys? Do you not win each day? Is it because I am new? I have gone back each 3 hours yesterday and today so far and still nothing.

  3. That’s so strange Cheryl, do you get to the point where it’s just a green page and it says you have to come back later? I always earn at least 1 cent after having answered a few questions.

    • Yes, I do get that page. I’ll see how it goes. I thought maybe it was because I am still at trust level one. I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks.

  4. Okay, I just visited their Facebook page and was looking around and found this reply from them to a member, “If you just signed up, it could take a few weeks before you start earning small amounts of cash for each survey.” Good to know to tell referrals so they don’t get discouraged.

    • That Facebook statement sure sounds odd, a bit counterproductive, don’t you think? I’m sure glad you’ve got your first penny, and I hope you’ll get many more. I don’t remember how long it took me to earn top trust score, but I’ve been with them for sooo many years. As for the coins, just remember to save them up until you get close to 100000. I always d this, and every other time that I enter my coins, I usually win the $2 drawing.

      • Yes. Great tip on the coins! I hadn’t read that closely the first day and I entered mine — DUMB!! I’ll hang onto them and hopefully win sometimes. I just moved up to #2 trust score so maybe it won’t take too long. I figure I will try it for a month and see if it is worth it or not. I doubt I’ll ever win the $50 as I won’t have enough tickets without any referrals, but as long as I’m entered with a few it might happen one day. Thanks again for sharing ways for us to earn.

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