Jan 262016
 Peacock in the Everglades
 It’s amazing what beauty you can find in Florida. Take a look at this peacock we found in the Everglades.
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  7 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday Linky: Peacock in the Everglades”

  1. Wow that is spectacular, brilliant shot 🙂

  2. That may be the prettiest peacock photo I’ve ever seen!

  3. Beautiful! I love peacocks!

  4. Peacocks are so beautiful!!! Have you ever seen a white one?
    Happy Wednesday!!

  5. Nicely captured! Peacocks seem to thrive everywhere in warm climates. We’ve got one juvenile peacock and two peahens hanging around our neighborhood here in South Africa.

  6. I’m from FL originally and my dad grew up in “old” Florida before all of the popularity, construction and crowds and he said there used to be peacocks that walked around everywhere on the one little highway that led to/through the Everglades. We were just in a part of the glades last Summer and I love hearing his stories! Isn’t it crazy they just walk around?

  7. What a proud looking bird. Beautiful feathers.

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