Feb 242016

JCPEnney coupon shopping

I have said it before, and I’m going to say it again. Sign up for the JCPenney Rewards program! Why? Because you get $10 off $10 JCPenney coupons. I also highly recommend signing up for JCPenney text messages, as you will often get JCP coupons not available anywhere else. Plus when you sign up for JCPenney texts on the JCP website, you also instantly get a 20 percent off JCP coupon.

With the JCPenney rewards program, you get $10 off $10 coupons, every time you spend $100 in a month, but you also get $10 off $10 coupons sent to your mailbox, if you sign up with your address. I never make it past the $100 point, in fact the most I ever spend in a month is probably $20. But, every few months I still receive the $10 off $10 coupons in the mail around special events such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas and many more sale events. I usually use the $10 off coupons to get cheap brand-new gifts for the kids, as they usually wear second-hand clothes. The new clothes goes in the gift pile, so the kids always get some brand new pieces for their birthdays and Christmas.

I am putting together a big box with birthday and Christmas gifts for my side of the family, and the gifts have to be light-weight because we have no relatives visiting this year, and mailing the box cost a fortune. Last week I found some great gifts and gift sets at 80 percent off at JCPenney, so I knew what I was looking for, and I found exactly what I needed.

Besides the $10 off $10 JCPenney coupon that I received in the mail last week, I also had a $10 off $25 coupon exclusive to JCP text message receivers, and between the two coupons and clearance, I managed to find some great gifts at great prices.


Our JCPenney Deals:

1st Transaction:

Arizona long cardigan on clearance at $10.79 (Original price $36)


Minus $10 off $10 JCPenney coupon from mailer


Tax $0.05

Total out of pocket $0.84

Total saved $37.32


2nd Transaction:

Men’s scarf on JCPenney clearance at $8.40 (Original price $28)

Desk racers two pack on JCPenney clearance at $3.99 (Original price $20)

Desk racers two pack on JCPenney clearance at $3.99 (Original price $20)

Manicure Set Desk racers two pack on JCPenney clearance at $5.85 (Original price $30)

Zoo York Long-sleeved shirt Desk racers two pack on JCPenney clearance at $5.99 (Original price $30)


Minus $10 off $25 JCPenney mobile coupon from JCPenney text message

Tax $1.09M

Minus $5 JCPenney gift card from the ShopKick App

Total out of pocket $14.31

Total saved $121.37



Total spent at JCPenney $15.10

Total saved at JCPenney $158.69


So thanks to the JCPenney coupons, shopping clearance and a JCPenney gift card from Shopkick I was able to get $170+ worth of gifts for $15! This is how planning and shopping ahead comes together with frugality, an truthfully I would never be able to afford to buy my family gifts, if it wasn’t for frugal shopping.


We also earned points toward gift cards with the ShopKick App

You can always find our latest JCPenney clearance deals in the top navigation bar under DEALS

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