Feb 102016

ALDI clearance

ALDI is about the only place, where I can get to the cash register without being scared about the total. We picked up some great produce deals and we also found more Kelloggs Poptarts on ALDI clearance at $0.25 each. I picked up 12 packages of 12 ct Pop Tarts for $3, which is less the price of one box anywhere else. This time I found them in the regular aisle at regular price, but I went to get a price chceck and sure enough the ginger bread and sugar cookie pop tarts ring up at $0.25. So, keep an eye out for these next time you head to ALDI.


ALDI Deals:

12 x 12 ct Kelloggs Poptarts on clearance at $0.25 each

2 x 1 lb pretzels at $0.99 each

Simply Nature Chips $1.69

Cinnamon Crunch Cereal on sale at $1.29

Frosted Flakes Cereal on sale at $1.29

Honey Nut Oats Cereal on sale at $1.19

1 gallon Milk $2.69

1/2 gallon Organic Milk $2.95

Chicken Drumsticks $2.93

Chicken Drumsticks $2.53

Paprika $0.99

2 x 1 lb Lentils @ $0.99

Green split peas @ $0.99

2 lbs Black Beans $2.29

3 lbs Fuji Apples $2.79

Blueberries $1.69

Blackberries $1.79

3 lbs Naval Oranges $1.99

4.38 lbs of Bananas $0.29/lb $1.24

2 x Mushrooms @ $0.78

Broccoli Crowns $1.79

Organic Baby Spinach on sale at  $1.89

Yellow onions $0.89

2 lbs Red Grapes $3.49


Total out of pocket $47.58

Total saved $67 (Compared to the lowest prices at our regular grocery store)



submitted my ALDI receipt to Checkout 51 and to Receipt Hog to earn rewards – you can too. Download the receipt hog app here on your phone, and enter code: yah54683 to get extra spins at the Hog Slots and earn more rewards. We also earned points toward gift cards with the ShopKick App and the Checkpoints App please use our referral code jrfrugalmom when you sign up at Checkpoints.

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