Mar 022016

$50 JCPenney Coupon

There is a new JCPenney sales catalog out, and if you browse through it you will find more than just great deals. Not only does it have a 15/20% off coupon in the back, but I also found a $50 off $100 JCPenney home coupon. This $50 coupon is valid on select home items, and certain exclusions apply.

On another note I am thrilled to report that JCPenney has turned the company around in a positive direction. Do you remember that failed attempt to get rid of coupons? Oh boy… I shopped once in one year, and every time I entered the store it was like a ghost town. I’m thrilled to see that our local JCPenney stores now have lots of customers – even on weekdays.


And if you have not already signed up for the JCPenney rewards program, you are certainly missing out. We have received lots of great $10 JCPenney coupons, since we joined the JCPenney rewards program, and it is a sure way of never missing out on a JCP coupon.


Did you get a $50 JCP coupon in the mail?

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