Mar 092016

ALDI cereal clearanceOur local South Florida ALDI store had an entire side of an aisle dedicated  to clearance. Everything from toys to home goods and foods were on clearance, and we picked up some great deals. The best deal was the Star Wars cereal on clearance at $0.49 each.

ALDI Clearance:

10 x Star Wars General Mills cereals on ALDI clearance at $0.49 each

4 x Quinoa Chocolate Chip Cookie mixes on ALDI clearance at $0.49 each

2 x Herb Biscuit Mixes on ALDI clearance at $0.49 each

4 Pack Ground Beef Patties at $4.82 – $2 ALDI meat coupon on package = $2.82

2 x 1 gallon ALDI milk @ $2.69

1 dozen eggs $1.29

1/2 ALDI organic milk $2.95

ALDI all purpose flour $1.59

Instant Oatmeal $1.49

Ranch dressing $1.29

5 lbs grapefruits $1.69

2 lbs nectarines $1.99

2 x Strawberries @ $1.29

2 lbs red grapes $3.49

Cucumber $0.49

Organic grape tomatoes $2.49

2.42 lbs of bananas $1.06


Total out of pocket $38.44

Total saved $58 (compared to the lowest prices at our regular grocery stores)



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