Mar 232016

ALDI clearance

With the boys home from school this week, our fridge quickly began to look empty, but shopping with them is not my kind of fun. so, my husband kept the kids, while I made a quick stop at ALDI. The kids had some of the chips on a trip to the park yesterday, and since the feedback was positive, I decided to pick up a box full of snacks. I figure each of the kids can bring half a dozen bags to their teachers, and then I’m hoping I won’t have to send in snacks again this school year.


Our ALDI Deals:

16 x bags of puff corn on ALDI clearance at $0.32 each = $5.12

2 x bags if chips on ALDI clearance at $0.37 each

Game Day pizza on ALDI clearance at $3

2 x Holiday short bread at $0.22 each

Toffee cheese cake on ALDI clearance at $2.99

Chicken/veggie  pot stickers on ALDI clearance at $1.29

Smoked Ham $7.10

3 x 2 gallon milk at $2.69 each

Spreadable Cheese Wedges $1.29

Whole Wheat Bread $1.39

Fig Bars $1.19

Pesto Sauce $1.69

3 lbs of Gala Apples $2.99

2.72 lbs Bananas $1.20

2 x Avocados @ $0.79

10 lbs Russet Potatoes $2.29

2 lbs Red Onions $1.79

Mushrooms $1.29

Organic Grape Tomatoes $2.49 – $0.25 Checkout 51 cash back

Organic Spring Mix $2.49

Strawberries $1.99

Blackberries $1.69


Total $50.88

Total saved $82 (compared to the lowest prices at our regular grocery stores)



I submitted my ALDI receipt to Checkout 51 and to Receipt Hog to earn rewards – you can too. Download the receipt hog app here on your phone, and enter code: yah54683 to get extra spins at the Hog Slots and earn more rewards. We also earned points toward gift cards with the ShopKick App and the Checkpoints App please use our referral code jrfrugalmom when you sign up at Checkpoints.




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