Apr 182016

H&M Recycle Clothes

I’m so excited about the H&M Recycling Program, because here in the Frugality Is Free family we are all about reducing, reusing and recycling. A majority of the clothes we wear is second-hand clothing, and I work hard to make sure that we pass on clothes through re-selling it, donating it or re-purposing it into doll clothes or cleaning clothes. Still, there are always a few pieces that I cannot keep out of the garbage including clothes that have faded too much including school uniform polos. This is why I’m thrilled about the H& M recycling program, because now I can bring in a bag with these non-rescuable pieces and give these a new life in the shape of fabric fibers that get reused. As an extra bonus  you get a high-value H^M coupon,and this week you even get a 30 percent off H&M coupon in return.


Simply bring in a bag of used clothing to your local H&M store and get a 30 percent off H&M coupon in return.

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