Apr 202016

Nike shoe clearance

Our thirteen-year-old son has always been tall, but the past couple of years he’s just taking growing to a different level. He is skinny, but he wears size 18 or men’s medium in clothes, and he is outgrowing his men’s size 12 shoes. Oh boy, I knew it was coming, but shopping for size 13 shoes on a budget is a challenge. I’ve been watching the sales for a while, and it did not take long for me to realize that getting him a pair of new shoes would cost close to $40 for a good pair on clearance.

I’ve been looking for shoes for a while, giving myself a deadline of the end of the school year, because shopping with four kids in tow is difficult. So today I browsed JCPenney for clearance shoes, and I discovered that they actually had lots of shoes on clearance. Now the athletic shoes are rarely included in the coupons, so I knew it was going to be expensive no matter what. I found a box with a size 13 black Nike’s on clearance at $35.99 … perfect! Except that one shoe was a size 11.5 and the other a size 13. A helpful JCPenney employee looked all over the store and the stockroom for the match, but he had no luck.

He did; however, bring back this pair of red and black Nike’s. These were marked on clearance at $51.99, but he scanned them and let me know that they were on clearance at $29.97. It was the last pair, and I am so excited. My son is a big basketball player and runner, and these are great for both school and playing basketball, plus I’m sure he’ll appreciate that they are Nike, even though he’s not really big on name brands … yet.

Thanks to two$5 JCPenney gift cards from Shopkick (Earn points for entering stores or scanning items), I got the price down even more.


My JCPenney Shoe Clearance Deal:

Nike  Air Mavin Sneakers on JCPenney clearance at $29.97 (Original price $70)


Tax $1.80

Minus 2 x $5 JCPenney gift cards from ShopKick


Total out of pocket $21.77

Total saved $52.23



I submitted my JCPenney receipt to Receipt Hog to earn rewards – you can too. Download the receipt hog app here on your phone, and enter code: yah54683 to get extra spins at the Hog Slots and earn more rewards.

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