Apr 052016

Kelloggs Family Rewards

We’ve been member of the Kellogg’s Family Rewards program since the beginning, and over the years we’ve saved a lot of money on our grocery budget thanks to the points and high-value coupons, plus we’ve even gotten free movie tickets, free pop corn at the movies and lots of free books too. The Kellogg’s Family Rewards program has changed a lot over the years, but we’ve adjusted, and we’re so thankful for the benefits.

All you do is submit your receipts whenever you buy Kellogg’s products, or enter a code from inside the box, and then keep entering Kellogg’s bonus codes found on the web. This morning I have a new 100 point Kellogg’s Family Reward code for you to start up with.


Get Your Kellogg’s Family Rewards Points:

  1. Sign in or sign up for Kelloggs Family Rewards here.
  2. Enter the KFR code: PTS4ALLQUEENSNOW to get 100 points in your account.
  3. Try these Kellogg’s codes too: DIVASGETPTSTODAY (100 points), TASTYGOODSNACK4U (5 points), AHOTKFRBONUS4YOU (25 points), YOUREASTERBASKET (25 points), EARNSWEETREWARDS (50 points) and EARNGREATREWARDS (20 points)
  4. Submit your receipts when you buy Kelloggs products
  5. Make sure to check out the emails from the program, they often come with rare high-value Kelloggs coupons included at the bottom. Sometimes the email will be cut off, so make sure to click ‘view the entire message’
  6. Redeem your points for high value coupons, and use them to save on your grocery budget. We usually hold out and save the $1/1 Kelloggs coupons for BOGO sales to maximize the value.

If you’re already a member of KFR, how long have you been a member, and what is your favorite prize?

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