May 032016

Kohls shoe clearance


Supplying four growing kids with shoes can be expensive, especially when one of them is a little shoe-loving princess.



Kohl’s Shoe Clearance:

FILA  sneakers on Kohl’s clearance at $9.99 (Original price $49.99)

FILA  sneakers on Kohl’s clearance at 11.99 (Original price $49.99)

Carter’s Mary Jane sneaker on Kohl’s clearance at $6.99 (Original price $34.99)

Carter’s navy sparkling boots on Kohl’s clearance at $4.49 (Original price $44.99)



Tax $2.01

Total out of pocket $35.47

Total saved $156.50




  5 Responses to “80 – 90 Percent Off Kohls Shoe Clearance – As Low As $4.49!”

  1. Nice finds! I would love to get those boots for that price. I’ll need to go to my store to check it out 🙂

    • Tatyana, there were a handful of the boots left in our South Florida store, and there were other styles on clearance at $4.49 too. I hope you find a pair…

  2. Nice! I was in there yesterday finding some nice kids clothing deals. I’ve got my baby set for next winter on pants I think. I wish I would have gone to the shoes now.

  3. Yay good going also ask your big box stores when inventory is…They dump stuff for almost free…I got my son ten pair of jeans at $3 each mostly for next year. I got a $100 hotwheels go cart for $25

  4. What a good deal! I will have to check out Kohl’s this week to see what I can get marked down. I have gotten a lot of clothes marked down for a great deal! I like all of your shoes.

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