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Our youngest daughter is eager to start school, but she is only three years old, and she is a a year out from starting pre k, so she is stuck at home with for a while. She is absolutely ready though, because she has been using ABCmouse.com for a year, starting when she was two, and it is amazing the amount of skills that she has already learned from this online educational program.

ABC Mouse Free Membership



Educational Games for 2-6 Year Olds


In our family we are focused on education, but we area also adamant that learning has to be fun, and we take a pretty laid-back approach until the kids start school. We start with puzzles, reading, educational videos and workbooks, before we move on to sight words, flashcards and computer programs, and ABCmouse.com  has been a great addition to our home learning program.

By the time the kids are ready for kindergarten, our kids are  eager to learn and they know how to sit still in a classroom and pay attention. ABCmouse.com has been a great tool in the way that it makes learning fun, and it focuses on an array of skills tailored to each kid, their age and educational level.

ABC Mouse


ABC Mouse Math Games

ABCmouse.com is set up so that each child has an account that is tailored to their age and educational level. The kids can start on the Learning Path, where they go through specific activities tailored to their level, and as they move up they can graduate from one level to another. Each activity earns them tickets, and the tickets can be redeemed to purchase clothing for their avatar, items for their virtual room, virtual pets and more. Our kids love this reward feature, and they enjoy building their virtual world.

You can also start in the classroom, where you can choose which activity you want to work on (reading, math, games, music, puzzles etc.) and which skill you want to practice. In addition you can explore the zoo or the farm and learn facts about animals, and much much more.


ABCMouse.com For Parents

For parents ABCmouse.com is more than just a way to keep the kids learning and entertained, because there is a Parent Tracker system, where you can track each child’s progress. You can also adjust the settings, so that you can change the amount of time your little one is allowed to spend on shopping with their tickets, and yes even a 2-year-old can figure out how to spend their tickets on pretty dresses and more.

ABCmouse.com is a great learning environment for kids, but it is also a safe, advertisement free space, where you do not have to worry about your child clicking on an ad, or on something that costs money or will download anything harmful to your computer.

With over 5,000 interactive learning activities and 450 lessons, ABCmouse.com helps children master fundamentals in reading, math, beginning science, art, music, and more.


With summer vacation just around the corner, this is the perfect time to give ABCmouse.com a try. What better way to keep up your child’s skills over the summer than by having the kids learn in an encouraging, fun way, it sure is a lot more exciting than dealing with workbooks and flashcards.


Buy It

ABCmouse.com is a subscription service, which costs $7.95 a month or you can get the one-year membership for only $5 a month, and it is so worth it. To make the deal even better, ABCmouse.com will let you try out the program for FREE for a month no strings attached.

ABCmouse.com – First Month Free – Click here!






Disclaimer: The Frugality Is Free family received a membership discount for the purpose of writing a review. No monetary compensation was received, and any opinions expressed above are based solely on our experience with the program. The links in this post are our referral links.

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