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It always amazes me how much money using our local library saves us over the year. We try to keep our summers frugal, and with four kids at home it can be hard to do. Still, we seek out free events and activities, and we go to the beach and the parks a lot. Throughout the week we take advantage of the free activities at the library, the kids are signed up for the summer reading program, and the library is also a part of the free summer food program, which means they serve free lunch for the kids during the week. Our kids have won several prizes over the past couple of yours through the library’s reading program, and the prizes have come in the shape of books, gift baskets, puzzles, local museum tickets and even tickets for the entire family to see the Miami Dolphins. This is a great motivator for them to read every day, and they also receive small prices such as bubbles, toys etc., throughout the summer as they show their progress to the librarians.

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Ways Your Local Library Can Help You Save:

At Your Local Library Website:

Hoopla – Watch free movies, tv shows , documentaries and more on the computer or  your digital device through your library’s website – they have movies in all categories and there are both new and old movies.

Freegal – download six free songs each week

Overdrive – read books directly on your computer or digital device.

Zini0 – read the newest magazines  on your computer or digital device.

Rosetta Stone – we can access a free Rosetta Stone program through our library’s website.

Online Learning Programs: In addition to Rosetta STone, we can also use a free phonics program, other language programs, GED programs and more through our library account.


At Your Local Library:

Borrow Books – Keep your kids reading by going to the library once a week and filling up a basket up books. Once you get home, make sure to renew the books online as many times as you can. Then put a reminder on your calendar a couple of days before the books and dvds are due.

Borrow DVDs – Borrow DVDs to bring home from the library

Participate in Clubs – Our kids especially appreciate the chess club

Attend Events – Get a schedule from each of your local libraries to stay up to date on the events each day.

Go To Movie Events – Check out your library’s movie showings

Summer Reading Programs – Sign your kids up, and perhaps even yourself, and get rewards plus enter to win free prizzes.

Check out the Library Book Store – You may get books for as little as $0.10 each.

Have Lunch at the Library – Check to see if any of your local libraries participate in the summer food program. It’s free for all kids, and they serve anything from sandwiches to chicken nuggets or pizza.

Library Computer Classes – Gain knowledge for free through your library’s computer classes.


Do you use your local library over the summer? If so what’s your favorite thing to do other than borrow books?

  2 Responses to “Enjoy A Frugal Summer with Free Library Resources – Free Rosetta Stone & More”

  1. Our whole family loves it…I have entered the adult reading program this summer. It’s a lot of fun. Plus the movies just can’t be beat. Grandson loves the special programs. Good all around!

  2. Rosetta Stone would be a great resource for my grandsons! Thanks for these ideas!

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