Jul 032016

Are you wondering about the ALDI holiday hours for the 4th of July? ALDI is open on Independence Day this year. On Saturday the 4th of July, 2015, ALDI is open for limited hours from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. You can read more about the ALDI hours 4th of July here and find your local deals too.

Aldi holiday hurs fourth of july 2016

So, you still have time to get your shopping done, and there are some great Fourth of July deals at ALDI this week. We picked up $$1.79 cherries, $1.19 strawberries and great deals on watermelon  and snacks. You can see all of our deals on our home page, or click on the DEALS tab in the top navigation bar.


Did you do your holiday shopping at ALDI?

You can always find the latest info on ALDI Holiday Hours right here at Frugality Is Free, and don’t forget that you can check out my latest ALDI deals under the DEALS tab in the top navigation bar.

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