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We simply love the MIU COLOR glass bottle. The glass is thick, smooth to the touch, and it is perfect for drinking ice cold water.

MIU COLOR Glass Bottle

The MIU COLOR Glass Bottles are made of high borosilicate glass, stainless steel and  food grade rubber. The  handmade bottle has a capacity of 24.5 ounces, and it is BPA and PVC free.

MIU COLOR Glass Bottle


The bottle is beautiful, and you only have to take a walk on the beach in the morning to fully appreciate the glass design. There is nothing like an early or late beach walk to make me appreciate products made out of more environmentally friendly products such as glass, since the beaches are littered with plastic before clean up.

MIU COLOR Glass Bottle


Glass bottles have their pros and cons, especially since I am particularly clumsy. However the ultra-clear borosilicate glass makes it more solid and durable, and it comes with a nylon sleeve for more protection. You can choose your favorite sleeve color, and I choose the beautiful bright pink nylon sleeve, which help ensure that I do not leave the bottle behind anywhere.

In addition to the nylon sleeve, the MIU COLOR Glass Bottle also comes with a bottle brush, which helps you keep this bottle clean. The stainless steel cap has a tight rubber grip, which ensures that this glass bottle is leak proof.


MIU COLOR Glass Water Bottle


he MIU COLOR Glass Bottle has a sleek design, which fits perfectly into the cup holder on my elliptical, and the high heat resistant design can withstand temperatures from -4℉ to 266℉.


MIU COLOR Glass Bottle

The MIU COLOR Glass Bottle gets five stars on Amazon.com, and with 52 customer reviews this is quiet an accomplishment.



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You can buy the MIU COLOR Glass Bottle at Amazon.com. You can see all of the MIU COLOR products at the MIU COLOR website.

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MIU COLOR is offering one Borosilicate Glass Water Bottle to one of Frugality Is Free’s readers. Enter the giveaway below.



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Disclaimer: The Frugality Is Free family received a complimentary sample for the purpose of writing a review and hosting a giveaway, no monetary compensation was received. Any opinions expressed above are based solely on our family’s experience with the MIU COLOR Glass Bottle.

  94 Responses to “MIU COLOR Glass Water Bottle Review & Giveaway”

  1. That bottle is beautiful. Looking for one to take walking and shopping. Love this one.

  2. Gorgeous bottle. Need one for work. Really like this.

  3. Awesome review, love this one!

  4. Lovely glass water bottle, great review. I love your photography so much.
    Ordered another grey one with the code MCBOTL20 for my guys. 🙂

  5. I love it. It is a pretty bottle so useful. I like the gray sleeve.

  6. Great looking water bottle – I like the pink! I’d love one of their large foldable picnic blankets too!

  7. This looks like a great water bottle! Another MIU product that I’d like to own is the aromatherapy essential oil diffuser – I love the look of it.

  8. I also like the MIU Color Salad Spinner with crank handle. This would come in handy this summer.

  9. I would like to try the MIU salad spinner for my garden fresh salad.

  10. If I were going to get one of these products, I would go with the mesh laundry wash bags. They’re cute and I would use them a lot.

  11. I would love to have the MIU PET Safety Retractable Dog Leash with Comfortable Handle since we are a pet family.

  12. I would love to get the MIU COLOR Extra Large Picnic Blanket Mat for Outdoor Beach Camping Handy Tote with Waterproof and Sandproof Backing, Foldable and Easy Carry! Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  13. I would like to get the MIUCOLOR Foldable Cargo Trunk Organizer. It would help organize my messy truck.

  14. I would like the MIU COLOR® Stainless Steel 6-piece Flatware Set!

  15. I’d also like to own the MIU COLOR® 300ml Aromatherapy Essential Oils Diffuser – I love that it changes colors and can be used up to 10 hours continuously!

  16. I’d like to win the Big Capacity Crystal Glass Water Bottle 22oz with the Dark Blue Sleeve because it is versatile and I can feel good about the water I am drinking

  17. Glad I found this blog! Love the great lifestyle changes and the MIU glass bottle is a great place to start.

  18. I work in a house goods store and I love the glass water bottles the most. I don’t own one though! Pink is my favorite.

  19. I would like to have their MIU COLOR® 100ml Aromatherapy Essential Oils Diffuser, 7 Color Changing Aroma Diffuser, Large Mist Humidifier, Home Diffuser, Aromatherapy Diffuser.

    They have a lot of nice things. I like their pet items too

  20. I love the water bottles. I also like the essential oil diffusers, always looking for more that look good. The storage boxes also look like nice products.

  21. I like the pink.

  22. Love the pink, this looks great!

  23. I’d like to own the Aromatherapy Essential Oils Diffuser, diffusing large mist the whole night without refill. It helps humidify the air.

  24. I would like to try the MIU salad spinner for all the salads that I love to make at home. Love this brand!

  25. I have a water bottle with me at all times and this one has a great look. I also love their salad spinner..its so cute!

  26. I’d like to try the Miu Color Reusable Produce Bags – I buy a lot of fruits and vegetables and having reusable bags to put them in instead of the plastic ones at the store would be great!

  27. I would like to try the MIU COLOR Extra Large Picnic Blanket Mat. My family has a lot of outdoor picnics, and one of these mats would come in very handy.

  28. I love these water bottles! Would love to win one and try it!! It would be very useful for me.

  29. I like the MIU essential oil diffisuer in the light wood grain, I like that it last up to 10 hours. I also would like the trunk organizer.

  30. The MIU PET Safety Retractable Dog Leash with Comfortable Handle because you cannot have enough leashes.

  31. I like the pink glass bottle cover, just because it’s so girly and fun! My second choice would be the black one.

  32. I would choose a Miu color backpack. I love a lot of the items also, the miu color bottles pink

  33. I would like to try out the salad spinner.

  34. Lots of choices on the MIU color site – my favorite is the folding backback – it would be great to take when travelling

  35. Well the bottle is really by favorite but if I had to choose it would be the Dark Wood Grain Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser.

  36. I’d choose one of the aromatherapy oil diffusers. It is so peaceful to go to sleep with lavender in the air.

  37. Thank you yet again.

  38. I visited the Miu Color site and saw all the great products. I really like the dark blue sleeved Borosilicate Glass Water Bottle the best.

  39. I would like to have the MIU COLOR Newly-released Big Capacity Crystal Glass Water Bottle Stylish Portable Handmade High Quality, 24.5oz without Tea Infuser, I think this bottles are very stylish.

  40. I like the MIU COLOR Collapsible Storage Boxes Bra.

  41. If I cant pick the pink one, I have to go towards the grey sleeve.. I do like the denim look if it. Very Cute and up to date with the styling!!

  42. The Extra Large Picnic Blanket looks really nice. We used to have one of these and got so much use out of it. We’d keep it in the trunk and could easily stop for spur-of-the-moment picnics and it also makes an excellent outdoor baby play mat.

  43. I’d like one of their essential oil diffusers for my office.

  44. I love the Water bottle!!

  45. The picnic blanket mats are handy, but I think the water bottle is the most interesting product. Stylish and practical.

  46. The color I would choose would be pink! Thanks for the chance to win this awesome giveaway!

  47. I would love to have the MIU PET Safety Retractable Dog Leash with Comfortable Handle. My pup would be so happy

  48. I would also love the aromatherapy diffuser! The wood grain patterend one is definitely the prettiest!!

  49. My second choice would be the MIU COLOR durable packable lightweight backpack. I love that you can
    load all your items in its generous 28L size and they stay safe since the backpack is waterproof. Also I
    can fold it when not in use. This is an excellent all purpose backpack!

  50. I went to the site. One other product from their site I would love to own is the MIU COLOR® 2nd Version 300ml Aromatherapy Essential Oils Diffuser, Large Capacity Aroma Diffuser, 10 Hours, 7 Color LED Lights and Automatic Shut-Off, Aromatherapy Humidifier (Dark Wood Grain).

  51. This would be a great water bottle for work! I would want the pink bottle for sure, everything I own is basically pink so…yeah.

  52. I love the salad spinner and the aroma therapy oil diffusers!

  53. Love glass water bottles and glass straws for my coffee, can’t wait to get one!

  54. Out of the other MIU COLOR products that are sold, I really like the MIU COLOR 300ml Aromatherapy Diffuser that lights up and also acts as a humidifier. So cool!

  55. Pink for my wife and survivors of breast cancer.

  56. I love drinking from glass! This would be wonderful to have.

  57. I would have to say I would go with the mesh laundry baskets. I could use those in my childrens rooms to keep the clothes in check and not all over floor 😉

  58. I would love to have the pink one

  59. Besides the bottle, I would like to own the salad spinner. That looks pretty nifty!

  60. i would love to get the MIU PET Safety Retractable Dog Leash with Comfortable Handle

  61. I think the flatware set is pretty cool!

  62. I prefer glass bottles over plastic. They’re safer and stay shiny longer. The gray bottle would be nice for me. I like them all.

  63. I would choose the hot pink MIU COLOR Glass Bottle because it is easier to find.

  64. I also like the MIU PET PRO retractable dog leash

  65. I would love to have the water bottle

  66. i would really like to win the rose red sleeved water bottle. i love the color and the water bottle is great

  67. I would love the rose red one!

  68. Dark Blue Sleeve would be my color of choice. I always seem to misplace my water bottles.

  69. I would love the 22 oz cup with tea infuser. I drink a lot of tea and like the size of the cup. the 22 oz cup would be almost big enough for me to make it through my work day.

  70. I’d love the MIU COLOR® New Version 300ml Aromatherapy Essential Oils Diffuser!

  71. My Water Bottles better than yours! Lol 😁

  72. I really love the look of the bottle very pretty piece. I would also really really love to have the Aromatherapy Essential Oils Diffuser. I have friends that love essential oils.

  73. Why isn’t this sold everywhere?!

  74. I also love their Aromatherapy Essential Oils Diffuser! I don’t own a diffuser but I love essential oils so I know I would enjoy this.

  75. I would like to own the MIU COLOR New Version 300ml Aromatherapy Essential Oils Diffuser.

  76. The bottle is spectacularly pretty and I love that it comes with a brush. I always worry if I am cleaning these types of glasses properly. If i was to pick another item, I like the 6 piece measuring spoon set. I have lost many and I like that these endure.

  77. The MIU COLOR® Pet Grooming Undercoat Rake Comb Dematting Tool, looks worthwhile.

  78. I would love the aroma therapy diffuser if I had to pick another.

  79. Strap is good idea for hands free

  80. Pink

  81. I would like to own their Extra Large Picnic Blanket Mat. It would be perfect for when we go on picnics on the beach.

  82. I would like to have the MIU Color Salad Spinner. We like to eat healthy. It would be easy to prepare fresh salads with this salad spinner.

  83. These are neat bottles. I would give the pink one to my girlfriend. I’m sure she’d love it.

  84. I want the MIU COLOR® Salad Spinner with Crank Handle Salad Washer and Dryer. I really need a new one.

  85. MIU COLOR® 2nd Version 300ml Aromatherapy Essential Oils Diffuser

  86. I would love the MIU COLOR® 2nd Version 300ml Aromatherapy Essential Oils Diffuser (Large Capacity Dark Wood Grain)

  87. I think my wife would love the Armatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser she is really into these but has yet to buy any love to get for her

  88. I also like the Free Tea Bottle with Infuser
    Thanks for the chance

  89. I like the Rose Red color, because it is the only style with the infuser built in.

  90. I would like the pink colored sleeve for this glass bottle. Pink or purple are my favorite colors. This would be fun to try out.

  91. The Collapsible Storage Boxes Bra Underwear Closet Organizer Drawer Divider 4 Set looks very nice. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  92. The bottle is lovely but the cleaning items aren’t environmentally friendly, so defeats the point! They need to be a bamboo or wooden materials, otherwise it is completely pointless!

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