Jul 112016

The 1 cent school supplies are back at Office Depot, and it is a great time to get your school supply stock filled up. We are pretty set on school supplies, but one of our sons need 72 pencils according to his school supply list, so I’m all for this week’s Office Depot. We prefer the Triconderoga pencils, but with that amount of pencils needed there will definitely be plenty of Office Dept pencils in his bags.


Office Depot says a max. of 3 1 cent deals, so we made two trips, since we wanted plenty of the Triconderoga pencils on sale too.

Y0u can see all of the 1 Cent School Supplies at Office Depot here.


Office Depot 1 Cent Deals School Supplies

1st Office Depot deals:

2 x 24 ct Triconderoga Pencils at $3 each

3 x 12 ct Office Depot Pencils @ $0.01 each


Tax $0.36

Total out of pocket $6.39

Total saved $11.68



2nd Office Depot deals:

1 24 ct Triconderoga Pencils at $3 each

2 x 4 Pack Pens @ $1 each

3 x Mini Staplers @ $0.01 each

Tax $0.30

Total out of pocket $5.33

Total saved $21.77




Total spent at Office Depot $11.72

Total saved at Office Depot $33.45



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