Jul 082016

I have steered free of Target for several weeks, since I’ve tried to keep shopping to a minimum with all four kids home all day. However, today our middle son needed a hair cut, and I had a coupon for Great Clips right next to Target, so I figured we’d get a couple of deals while we were on the road.

One of the risks of bringing the kids to the store is that all of the sudden you need things that you don’t really need. My middle son sptted a shark lunch box, and yes he is in need of a new one – although I was hoping to wait until the clearance sale. But, but, but … he’s starting a new school soon, and so I gave in, something I never ever do. I found a 25 percent off backpack and lunch box offer n Target Cartwheel, and then we agreed that he would pay half, and I would pay the other half.

Of course my youngest son then began talking abut getting himself a Power Rangers lunch box, which thankfully could not be found at Target … and pssttt…there might just be a little something waiting in his birthday box, since his birthday is just a couple of weeks away. This frugal m0m always thinks ahead.

I also decided to pick up one of the noly itesm on the kids back to school lists that I don’t have, sticky notes, since there was a 25 percent off Target Cartwheel discount.

Target cereal deal

Our Target Deals:

4 x General Mills Tiny Toast Cereals at $2.99 each = $11.96 – (25 percent off Target Cartwheel Discount and 4 xx$1/1 General Mills Tiny Toasts Cereal coupons) = $4.96 ($1.24 each)

Shark Lunch Box $8.99 –  (25 percent off Target Cartwheel Discount) = 6.74

Up and Up Sticky Notes $8.99 – (25 percent off Target Cartwheel Discount) $6.74


Minus $5 Target Gift Card from a previous transaction


Tax $0.80

Total out of pocket $14.24

Total saved $11.87 + $5 Gift Card Savings


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