Aug 032016

After a summer of panic, we finally closed on our new home this past Thursday, and Monday we registered the kids at their new schools. The schools in our new districts begin on the 10th compared to the 22nd in our old school district, so it was too close for comfort.

Thankfully I’ve been shopping for school supplies ever since the clearance sales started last August, I downloaded the school supply lists of the new school’s websites, and then I’ve been shopping the Office Depot penny sales to stock up on cheap supplies, while still picking up the expensive things the kids need.

This week was reserved for the binder. Our 13-year-old son needed a 2” binder, and those sure can get expensive. Thankfully the week prior, a 30 percent off regular priced binder coupons printed on my receipt, and it helped us save.

Office Depot 1 cent school supplies

Our Office Depot Deals:

2” Binder $10.49 – 30% off Binder Office Depot coupon from previous receipt = $7.34

3 x 12 Pack Tricorondega Pencils at $3.99 each on sale at $1 each = $3

3 x Elmer’s Glue at $2.19 on sale at $0.01 each = $0.03

3  x 3 ct Pink Erasers at $2.49 each on sale at $0.01 each = $0.03

3  x Composition Notebooks @ $2.49 each on sale at $0.01 each = $0.03


Tax $0.62

Total out of pocket $11.11

Total saved $35.50



I submitted my Office Depot receipt to Receipt Hog to earn rewards – you can too. Download the receipt hog app here on your phone, and enter code: yah54683 to get extra spins at the Hog Slots and earn more rewards

  2 Responses to “1 Cent School Supplies at Office Depot”

  1. I got these same deals that week! Those pencils were such a good deal because they’re amazing quality. My grandsons also needed erasers and glue on their lists so getting them for a penny was amazing!

    • I agree Janet. The Tricorondega pencils are superior quality, and it really helps prevent frustration while ding homework.

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