Aug 162016

Better World Books is having one of their best sales of the year, and it could not be better timing. Our kids have been reading all summer, earning book cash towards new or new-to-them books, and then I tell them to wait for the August Better World Books sale.

Better World Books August Sale

Well, the sale is here, and they sure took advantage. Each one of our four kids have very specific interests, and Better World Books has a huge selection of used books, so they are sure to find something they would like. Our oldest son choose action books and thrillers, our middle son chose shark books and Doctor Who books and our youngest son went for Power Rangers books. Our daughter asked for a Sofia the First book, and that I found. Then I picked out a couple of books for each of them for Christmas, and for my daughter I found a huge collection of all the Madeleine books all for only $2.08 shipped. Now that will make a great Christmas gift.


How To Get The Best  Deal at Better World Books:

  1. Start shopping at Ebates to get 3% cash back + get a $10 gift card, if you spend more than $25 on your first purchase. (We love Ebates!)
  2. Or start shopping directly at Better World Books without any cash back
  3. Go to the bargain bin – you can click on the home tab and it will come up.
  4. Choose 5+ books (make sure there’s a sale sign with the books you choose), and get 40% off.
  5. Get free shipping on any order


At $2.08+ shipped per book, this is a great sale to stock up on your favorite books. Every time you shop at Better World Books your purchases help fund non-profit organizations and books will be donated to schools and underprivileged kids.

  2 Responses to “40% Off Better World Books Sale – Books As Low As $2.08 Shipped”

  1. Wow what a great deal! Books can really be so expensive. I love finding good deals on books. Thanks for sharing!

    • Janet, of all the online book stores, this one is by far my favorite. Not only do they always have free shipping, but you can really find some great deals and the selection is fantastic.

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