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This year our family has taken our soft summer memories and made them permanent, because this summer we’ve moved to our favorite vacation destination. We always bring the kids to watch the sun rise in the summer months, and now we can do it in fresher air with cleaner water.

kids at sunrise

Scotties Facial Tissues have been with us everywhere we went this summer, as we explored old forts, had fun at playgrounds all over Florida, watched the sun rise over the ocean and navigated our way through Florida’s urban jungle, rural wilderness, historic neighborhoods and scenic waterways.

scotties facial tissue

Our kids especially love searching for history, and there is nothing better than scavenging through old forts and historic sights. Our favorite fort is surrounded by a beautiful green lawn, where we love having picnics, but of course it also affects our allergies, and so we need to make sure that we have a box of Scotties in the stroller.



Summer vacation has ended for us, and the kids are now back in school. With three kids in school, it means a never-ending school supply list, and one of the items that each child has on their school supply list is facial tissues.

Scotties facial tissue school supplies


Our go to brand is Scotties Facial Tissues, because we can always count on Scotties to deliver soft, quality facial tissues at affordable prices. We always wait for a BOGO sale at Publix, and then we print out Scotties coupons to make the price even better. If you sign up for the Scotties newsletter, you will always have access to the latest Scotties coupons too.

Scotties have  3-ply, or 3-ply with aloe facial tissue for the extra strength you need, and we especially love the 3-ply facial tissue with aloe. With all of our allergies and colds, we go through a lot of  facial tissues in our family, so it is important for us that we purchase products manufactured by companies focused on sustainability.

The J.D. Irving, Limited specialists have planted over 8850 million trees on owned and Crown land in Canada and the company has developed and follows guidelines for sustainable forest management, including measures to protect water quality, biodiversity, wildlife habitat, species at risk and forest with exceptional conservation value. J.D. Irving, Limited has over 20 percent of its forest dedicated as conservation habitats.

We are thankful that Scotties is proud to stand behind its tree planting promise to plant three trees for every one they use to produce Scotties products. This means that three seedlings will be planted in the spring and summer months for every one used to produce Scotties products the previous year.


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Disclaimer: The Frugality Is Free family received a complimentary Scotties Care Package for the purpose of hosting a giveaway. Any opinions expressed above are based solely on our family’s experience with the facial tissues from Scotties.

  117 Responses to “Share Your Soft Summer Moments & Win A Scotties Facial Tissue Prize Pack + $25 Amazon Gift Card”

  1. Having no schedules during the summer has been great. I have been able to do whatever with my kiddos.

  2. One of my favorite summer moments was watching my kids play basketball. It is fun to watch them do something that they enjoy.

  3. Walking on the beach at sunset is a soft summer moment.

    • I just noticed I have to write 16+ words. Walking on the beach and enjoying the summer breeze at sunset is my soft summer moment.

  4. One of my soft summer moments was laying with my new granddaughter and watching her sleep!

  5. One of my soft summer moments was spending the day at a family bbq. We don’t all get together as much as I would like. It always fun when the whole family is together.

  6. My favorite soft summer moment is going on a nature walk with my kids. I like the relaxed pace when they are on summer vacation.

  7. My favorite Soft Summer moments are spent with my grandsons. We enjoy time at the parks and lake.

  8. One of my favorite soft summer moments is working on the vegetable gardens with my kids. It is a great chance to enjoy nature and learn to appreciate food.

  9. One of my favorite soft summer moments is spending time with my 5 year old niece bike riding and having fun outdoors.

  10. I like going for walks on the beach with my family. Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. My favorite soft summer moment is being at the beach and bbq with the kids

  12. My favorite soft summer moment was when we went to Costa Rica! It was so beautiful!

  13. One of my favorite soft moments was snorkeling with our sons in Cancun!

  14. One of my favorite soft moments was snorkeling with our sons in Cancun! We got to visit Tulum and Xcaret. Xcaret is an amazing national park – water park. Must see in Mexico!

  15. One of my favorite soft summer moments was going to brunch with my parents and my sisters.

  16. My favorite soft summer moment was my family getting together to celebrate my niece’s 3rd birthday.

  17. My favorite soft summer moment is when we got done with driving up to Wisconsin and we were able to sit back and relax wonderful

  18. One of my soft summer moments was being able to spend time with my grandsons at the beach this summer. We did a lot of fun things together, but our favorite was riding jet skis for the first time. We even got to see several dolphins!

  19. My favorite soft summer moment is named Mickey. We recently took in a feral kitten and he has fit right in with our other 4 kitties. It’s so much fun watching them interact and play together. He’s definitely added more life to our family.

  20. My favorite soft summer moment is hiking with my aunt in the cool woods of the northern state where she lives.

  21. One of my favorite summer memories is going on a really long road trip across country when I was about 10.
    There’s just something about a road trip isn’t there? 🙂

  22. One of my favorite summer memories is when I got to go with the family on our camping trip and we cooked by the campfire and talked into the late evening. It is so good to get away and connect with family.

  23. My favorite Summer moment was laying on the beach, feeling the breeze off the lake, soaking in the sun. It was an ahhhhhhh moments.

  24. I had a lot of vacation time from my job saved up, so I got to go on a lot of trips this summer. It has been the best summer I’ve had in a long time.

  25. This summer went by too fast. We didn’t go anywhere or do anything. Maybe next year.

  26. One of my favorite summer moments is taking a trip to the Finger Lakes in New York.

  27. One of my favorite summer moments was attending my brother and sister in law’s baby gender reveal party. I learned that I am going to be an aunt to a girl!

  28. One of my favorite summer soft moments was my family gathering around a campfire roasting marshmallows and making s’mores under the stars.

  29. My favorite soft summer moment is the birth of my forth granddaughter. She is so precious and brings so much joy to my heart.

  30. after its been so hot and humid for weeks it finally started to rain it has rained now for a day and a half…its wonderful everything is turning green again

  31. One of the nicest soft summer moments came a couple of nights ago, alone in the dark, watching the Perseid meteor shower. Lovely.

  32. My softest summer moment was having my grandma over to my new home and then taking her out for a special meal. It was such a wonderful time.

  33. I’d have to say mine was spending time with my niece and family. Great summer!

  34. One of my soft summer moments was having the whole family together for a week including grandparents and college aged sons. With everyone’s busy schedule it is always special when we have those moments.

  35. One of my soft summer moments was a few days after my father died, my boyfriend took me to his secret fishing spot and devoted his entire day to me. I enjoyed being together in nature and his love and care of me to help me overcome my recent loss.

  36. My favorite soft summer moment was cuddling with my cat on the porch of my house

  37. We have been enjoying our summer by soaking up lots of family moments together traveling, fishing, swimming, and seeing things. We enjoy our kids and will miss them when they go back to school.

  38. We have had some wonderful soft summer moments spending time with our family. We enjoy activities like playing games, going for walks, etc. We like reading books and doing arts and crafts also.

  39. One of my soft summer moments was having the grandkids spend the summer with us and eating pancakes with them – they love pancakes soo much!

  40. My favorite soft summer moment was when me, my boyfriend, and his 2 friends went late night fishing at the river. Since they were friends I hadn’t met yet (and he had known a long time), it was great to see a new side of him I hadn’t seen yet.

  41. My favorite soft summer moment has been gathering with the entire family in the dunes and roasting marshmallows and telling ghost stories!

  42. My favorite soft summer moment is having family camping trips and going to the lake.

  43. nice giveaway

  44. One of my favorite Summer Moments was taking my family to Pensacola Florida to the beach.

  45. My fav summer moment(s) is my 8yr old daughter and myself at the pool. It’s free and easy right in our apartment complex, yet thats the thing she wants to do each day and we have such a great time. Best things in life are free

  46. My favorite summer moment was celebrating my niece’s second birthday.

  47. Wow, okay I love going to the Wisconsin state fair with my family. I worked a lot this summer, so I didn’t really have a chance to relax. But thanks for always putting a smile on my face!

  48. Walking in the desert early in the morning when the sun is just coming up and the air is still and it is cool before the fierce heat of the day.

  49. Mine would be the evening I fell asleep on the back porch as the sun was going down. Just a nice, calm summer evening in the breeze.

  50. My favorite moments was spending time with friends and family that I have not seen in a long time.

  51. One of my favorite moments was taking my granddaughter to State Fair to see all the animals!

  52. Even though I can’t enter this contest just popped in to say hello and I happen to live in Saint John, N.B. where the Irving Tissue plant is located, and they are one of the biggest employers in this province and of course we use all of their products.

  53. My favorite summer moment was relaxing on the beach in the sun.

  54. My favorite moment was going to Los Angeles from a trip I won!

  55. I spent a day at the beach with my boyfriend. It was great to relax on the water on inflatables.

  56. One of my favorite summer moments was watching my son beam with pride as he mastered some of his gymnastics tricks. It is fun to watch him do something that he enjoyed. He was so proud of himself! It was awesome!

  57. Spending time with a friend who passed away this week.

  58. Being grandma nanny to our 5 grandkids…my favorite soft summer moments is went our 5 grandkids go home and I have a few peaceful moments sitting on the back deck

  59. we love going to the beach we did not go this summer because of work but that is what we normally love to do with our family

  60. I took a trip to the beach with my family and dog that was very fun! I love looking for sea glass and it is so fun to watch my dog play in the sand!

  61. My favorite summer memory was going to Costa Rica with my mother.

  62. I enjoy going to the beach and laying in the sun on a raft

  63. I love spending time with my family, even something as simple as sitting on the porch and enjoying the fresh air. Thanks for the chance to win.

  64. Taking the family to great wolf lodge for a vacation is a great summer memory! We had an awesome time!

  65. My favorite summer moment has to be on friday nights cooking outdoors with my family.
    Best time of the week!

  66. Just sitting on the beach with a bonfire going, a few cold beers at the ready, close friends and the stars.

  67. My favorite soft summer moment was when my fiance’s daughter flew down to visit us for a week.

  68. My favorite moments were watching my granddaughters playing in the pool this summer. I also loved going to watch my grandson play lacrosse.

  69. One of my favorite moments was spending the day with my husband on the Oregon Coast. It was so beautiful that day, and a relief from the heat of the valley.

  70. Swimming in a sinkhole in Mexico was my soft summer moment

  71. One of my soft summer moments would be watching movies at our local movie theater. Every Wednesday we would enjoy each other as a family.

  72. Some of my favorite summer moments are trips to Animal Kingdom and the Disney water parks, so many firsts, first time in the front row of several thrill rides and many first time character meet and greets. Tons of great memories we will cherish for a lifetime.

  73. My favorite soft summer moment was traveling 12 hours to attend my family’s 67th Annual Family Reunion with family and friends.

  74. My soft summer moment would be playing minature golf on a a Saturday night with mu hubby. Almost like a date night.

  75. One of my soft summer moments is finally being able to have a place of my own after renting a bedroom for 4 years. I just moved into my condo 4 weeks ago and am so enjoying being able to do as I please and have my granddaughter come and stay with me.

  76. One of my soft summer moments is spending time on the beach with my family. Next summer we have a cruise planned with the whole family so I’m sure that will be my moment next year.

  77. My favorite summer moments were the ones of photographing nature.

  78. The first watermelon of the summer was my favorite time. I ate it outside in my rocking chair and it was so good. Nothing beats the taste of a good cold watermelon with a tiny bit of salt.

  79. I enjoyed the parks this summer.

  80. We enjoyed the water parks, bar be queing and spending time with the family.

  81. My favorite soft summer moments are being one with nature. Whether it be bird watching, taking hikes, discovering new trails or camping.

  82. The day my grandson was born

  83. I enjoy the wonderful weather. My state has sunshine all the time but in the summer it is the best. You can walk, bike, swim or go on a picnic at the beach.

  84. No soft moments for me the past summer. I was finishing up my B.A.

  85. spending everyday with my two little boys now homeschooling the older one after a fun summer

  86. I love cuddling up with my kids and watching our favorite shows.

  87. One of my soft summer moments has been to spend time in our garden with my family…talking, reading, listening to the radio grazing on berries, watching the bees on the sunflowers and the dragon flies darting about.

  88. Going to the lake and having a good time with my brother and his family.

  89. My favorite summer moment was taken my granddaughter to her first time at the zoo.

  90. I spent a weekend relaxing in palm springs with my wife

  91. One of my soft summer moments was watching my kids play with my husband in the yard.

  92. One of my favorite soft summer moments this year was watching my kids all play together at the beach. It had been a while since my oldest daughter had joined us on vacation.

  93. My favorite summer moment was a cruise to the Baltic countries of Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Poland.

  94. mine was just watching my kids make friends at the park

  95. One of the best moments of the summer for us, was when I had our 3rd baby girl. She’s such a good baby, I got super lucky she’s so easy going. I also loved the day when we all went to the zoo.

  96. Reading at the beach, with my sweetheart beside me, and a cold pink lemonade when thirsty

  97. I enjoy spending weekends during the summer at the river with my kids and parents. it is so relaxing and peaceful.

  98. My softest summer moment was sitting on the beach watching my kids play in the waves.


  99. One of my soft summer moments was when we visited the beach this summer with the kids. Rented a house and had a blast

  100. I would say floating in the water just enjoying being there. Taking walks on the beach and having lots of cook outs!

  101. Watching my daughter have a breakthrough with softball this year! I’ve coached her for two years and this year she had so many firsts and her working hard is paying off!

  102. My favorite summer moments are the road trips with my daughter. We went to the zoo. We went to four different amusement parks. We went to the beach. These are memories worth so much.

  103. My first favorite is when I was spending time with my family and me, my mom and nieces were playing pillow fight and when my mom would hide from the two older ones the baby would always give her away then laugh when my mom gets her. My second one is when we had a birthday party for my boyfriend’s grandpa at the park and there was a lot of people and we had a great time and the weather was nice.

  104. Sleeping all day has been a common soft summer moment!

  105. My soft summer moments has been geocaching with my husband. We just started the hobby this summer and we’ve had so many fun date nights doing it!

  106. My soft summer moment was getting a new puppy. Her name is Ashley, and she is the cutest!

  107. We had a lot of great moments this summer but my favorite soft moment was my wedding ceremony.

  108. I think my my favorite soft summer moment would be when my son finally decided watch direction college was going to take him. I’m so proud of him!

  109. My favorite soft summer moment is lounging in a hammock in the backyard.

  110. My soft summer moment was when we took my grandson back to his parents after he had spent a week with us and he hugged me so tight and wanted me to go home with him. It melted my heart and showed me that he really loved me.

  111. My soft summer moment was when my neighbor had not seen me for a few days and called me up to make sure I was ok.

  112. My favorite soft moment was going on vacation to the beach. Spending time with my daughter before she turned 18 and went back to school becoming a senior.

  113. My favorite soft moment was when the whole family got together for a reunion. It meant so much to everyone to be together and we are going to continue the tradition every year.

  114. Having my niece discover the beach was one of the nicest experiences with her.

  115. My favorite soft summer moment is going to the cool mountains. Hiking, riding horses and having picnics are fun activities we did.

  116. My favourite soft summer moment was hanging out with good friends at their BBQ. We love grilling and chilling!

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