Sep 142016

Last week I got a few school supply deals at Target at 50 percent off, because I wasn’t sure that the there would be much left at the Target Back To School clearance once it made it to 70 percent off.

I did make a stop at Target today to check though, and I lucked out. There were signage for 50 – 90 percent off Target clearance in the back to school section. The items I got last week were either gone or still at 50 percent off, but I was able to stock at much better prices today on the other items.90 percent off Target back to school clearance

Contrary to previous Target clearance sales, this back to school clearance sale seems a bit random. A lot of items are still ringing up at 50 percent off, some not at all, and many items are still at 70 percent off, while only few items rang up at 90 percent off.

You can find backpacks for as little as $7, and Jansport Trans bags at $10.49. I almost bought one for my oldest son for next year, but it wasn’t the right color, and the black one in the same style was much more expensive. We’ve had great experience with the Jansport Trans backpacks, while we have returned a couple of the Target Embark brand in the past, because they broke after being used a few times.

90-percent-off-target-backpack-clearance 90-percent-off-target-back-to-school-clearance

So, if you’re headed to Target check out the 90 percent off Target back to school clearance sale, take your time to sort through everything, and make the Target scanner your best friend. If items come up unlisted at the scanner, bring them up to the register and they’ll sort it out for you, or ask one of the Target employees to use their personal price scanners. Out of all the notebooks I found, only two of them scanned at the scanner, and at the register they rang all of them up at the same price.




Our 50 – 90 Percent off Target Back To School Clearance Deals:

Puma Lunch Box on Target Back To School Clearance at $3.88 (Original price $12.99)

Disney Princess Lunch Box on Target Back To School Clearance at $2.98 (Original price $9.99)

Yoobi Waterbottle on Target Back To School Clearance at $2.68 (Original price $8.99)

Up & Up Pencil Pouch on Target Back To School Clearance at $0.88 (Original price $2.99)

Cherokee Sandals on clearance at $5.98 (Original price $19.99)

14 x Notebooks on Target Back To School Clearance at $0.07

2  x Strawberries on sale at 2 for $5 – (25% Off Target Cartwheel Discount) = $3.76 ($1.88 each)


Tax $1.13

Total out of pocket $22.25

Total saved $49.77


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  2 Responses to “90 Percent off Target Back To School Clearance”

  1. My grandsons will always need school supplies! I’ll have to check out my local Target and see what they have left!

  2. WOW. My Target had hardly anything I bought paste.

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