Sep 052016

We love Publix here in the Frugality Is Free family, and we know that you do too. So, if you’re wondering if Publix is closed on Labor Day, we’re happy to deliver the news. Publix is open for regular hours on Labor Day 2016. Publix labor day hours


You can find out more about the Publix Labor Day hours  here, and you can also see the Publix Labor Day deals.

Whether you are doing some last-minute shopping for your Labor Day celebration, or you’re just doing some regular grocery shopping Publix has some great deals  on produce, ice cream, meant and much much  mre.

You can find all of our Publix deals on our homepage, or in the top navigation bar under DEALS.


While you’re here at Frugality Is Free, make sure to enter our low entry giveaways in the sidebar. You can enter to win DVDs and and amazon gift card.

You can always click this Publix Holiday Hours link to find out information about the latest Publix holiday hours.

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  1. I went over to Publix yesterday afternoon and they were actually really crowded.

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