Oct 292016

Did you check out the 40 percent off SWAP sale with FREE shipping on any order? Prices start at $1.80, and there are plenty of items to choose between. swap-coupon-codes


There are lots of dresses for girls and teens for $1.80 – $2.40! This is a price that’s hard to beat!





Take a look at some of the great items on sale for $1.80.



How To Get The Best Deal at SWAP:

  1. Once you get to SWAP website, click on the clearance tab.
  2. Then click on the category you wish to browse
  3. Choose your sizes
  4. Choose the condition – I got a brand new Hollister dress for our girl for $3! WOW! I click all of the conditions except for “fair.”
  5. The click low to high.
  6. To prevent the site for jumping all over the place, click on the arrow out in the side of your screen to scroll down.
  7. Put everything you like in your shopping cart, because you might not find it again.
  8. Once you’ve checked out all of the categories, then click check out.
  9. At Checkout, click EXPAND all, and then right click plus CTRL to get all the items to pop up in new windows for closer inspection.
  10. Get rid of everything you don’t want, keep what you like.
  11. You automatically get free shipping on orders of $50+, but use SWAP coupon code 2DAY40 or HONEYFS02 to get FREE shipping on any order.



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