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All four of our kids are big on creative building, and they love their LEGOS. However our ten-year-old son has taken LEGO building to a different level, attending LEGO club at the library and creating masterpieces in his bedroom.  Brick Loot is the perfect gift idea for him, because anything that enc0urages creativity and logical thinking is a big bonus.Brick Loot

Brick Loot sends your child a box full of unique building bricks every month, including Brick Loot exclusive LEGO items that you won’t find at big box retailers.


In our son’s first Brick Loot box he found the following goodies.


  • LEGO Arcade – 35 pieces
  • LEGO Gamer Person
  • Pixel Monster – 266 pieces
  • LEGO Head Case
  • Brick Loot Art Print
  • 2 x Arcade Instruction Sheets


These items were exclusively designed for Brick Loot, and the items contained 100% real LEGO bricks. My son has already informed me that he wished for LEGOs for Christmas, and not the fake kind, because they don’t work as well.  So the 100% real LEGO stamp is a big deal around here.

100% real LEGO

The LEGO Arcade contains 35 pieces, all carefully packed with instructions that are easy to follow. The construction set contains two different sets of stickers, so that your child can chose which arcade they want to make.

brick loot lego subscription box

The Brick Loot box also includes two bonus arcade instruction sets, so that your child can construct even more arcades and use the additional stickers to make the arcades stand out.


brick loot lego subscription box

The LEGO arcade instructions are simple, and the step by step guide makes building the arcade easy. The result is a cute little arcade style game, and with the bonus instructions included in the subscription box he our son is already eager to make his own big arcade. Our son especially appreciated the exclusivity of the Brick Loot aspect, and he loved the surprise aspect of the Brick Loot LEGO subscription box as well.


Each month your Brick Loot box is filled with 4-8 items that were hand picked by Brick specialists , and the Brick Loot subscription boxes make a great holiday gift for any LEGO fan. This is a great chance to give a gift that brings surprise and pleasure far beyond the other side of the holidays.

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Brick loot lego head container



Disclaimer: The Frugality Is Free family received a complimentary box for sharing this offer.

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