Oct 142016

Last week I was in the middle of editing my Weekly Savings Linky post, when we lost power. We had evacuated to a hotel more inland, but when Hurricane Matthew came close to our beautiful town, almost everyone in our county lost power. With the exception of a brief period Saturday morning, we had lost power at our home from Friday to late Sunday too. Thankfully the new fridge and freezer did much better than expected. We had filled out the freezer and fridge with frozen bottles of water, and when we got home Saturday the food was still frozen, and we pulled out a package of fruit pops to eat. They were sill frozen although they were beginning to show signs that the end were near.

When we got power back Sunday afternoon, the meat in the freezer was still frozen. We headed for ALDI to get new milk and bread, but they store had lost power too, and did not sell any milk.

Thankfully our home did not get any damage. We are four steps up for the ground, and this prevented a lot of water damage. Our neighborhood flooded, and our property was full of water, plus the neighboring lot looked like a lake and abouot a dozen old trees had buckled over. It was amazing that our home did not get hit, and we are so thankful. You can see post Hurricane Matthew photos here.

Our historic town and our beautiful beaches were hit hard, and a lot of people lost everything. The town is resilient, and clean up is happening everywhere.

This week I did some shopping, mostly on bike with my daughter, but it has been a crazy week, where we’ve been trying to get back to normal.

While I shopped, I made sure to pick up points for Amazon and Marshall gift cards, which I then use towards gifts for the kids for birthdays and Christmas. You can read more about Shopkick and other places we use to earn money from shopping at our Earn Money post here.


Are you or anyone you know affected by Hurricane Matthew?




Feel free to share your Friday finals at the Weekly Savings Linky below.

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