Dec 162016

It’s cereal bonanza at Publix! And it’s the perfect timing too, because the kids get off for Christmas break next week, and with four kids in the house they go through a lot of cereal … plus we’re having two boys come to visit for a few days too .. so now there should be something for every taste.

There were several freebies in our cart this week, and even a small money maker. Can’t beat that!

Publix Money Maker Holiday


Our Holiday Publix Deals Part 1:

6 x  Post Honey Bunches of Oats Cereal on BOGO sale at 2 for $3.35 = $10.05 – (3 x $1/2 Honey Bunches of Oats coupons or 12/11 SmartSource insert) = $7.05 ($1.18 each) + ($0.75  Ibotta cash back bonus.)

6 x General Mills Chex Cereal on BOGO sale at 2 for$3.69 = $11.07  – (3 x $1/2 General Mills Chex Cereal coupons (or  11/20, 12/4 SmartSource insert) and 2 x $1/3 Chex Cereal Publix coupons from the Green Advantage ad in store) = $6.07 ($1.01 each) + ($1 Ibotta cash back bonus)

2 x General Mills Cinnamon Toast Crunch on BOGO sale at 2 for $3.49 – ($1/2 General Mills cereals coupon) = $2.49 ($1.25 each)

6 x Quaker Instant Oatmeal on BOGO sale at 2 for $3.63 = $10.89 – (3 x $1/2 Quaker coupons) = $7.89 ($1.36 each)

4 x Stonefire Naan Flatbread on BOGO sale at 2 for $2.99 = $5.98 – (2 x BOGO Stonefire Naan Bread coupons and $0.75/1 Winn Dixie bread coupon from Baby Mailer) = FREE ($0.75 Publix Money Maker)

2 x Yucatan Guacamole, 8 oz, on sale at 2 for $5 – 2 x $2.50/1 Yucatan Guacamole coupons) = FREE

2 x Breakstone’s Sour Cream on BOGO sale at 2 for $2.39 – ($1.50/2 Breakstone Sour Cream coupon) = $0.89 ($0.45 each)

2  x Emerald Nuts on BOGO sale at 2 for $3.89 – $1/2 Emeral Nuts coupon 11/06 Red Plum insert and $0.75 Winn Dixie Nuts coupons) = $2.14 ($1.07 each)

2 x Uncle Ben’s Riceon sale at 3 for $5= $3.33 – ($1/2 Uncle Ben’s rice coupon from blinkie in store) = $2.33 ($1.17 each)

Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil, Regular, 75 sq ft on sale at $2.99 – ($0.75 Reynolds coupon) = $2.24

2 x Advil 24 ct at $4.29 each = $8.58 – ($3/2 Advil Publix coupon in purple advantage ad in store and 2 x $1/1 Advil coupons) = $

2 x Kraft Shredded Cheese on BOGO sale at 2 for $3.99 – ($1/2 Kraft coupon wyb ground beef – old peelie from binder) = $2.99 ($1.50 each)

Ground Beef on sale at $3.67 – ($2 Winn Dixie beef coupon from baby club mailer) = $1.67

Publix Lentils $1.43


Tax $0.78

Total out of pocket $41.41

Total saved $97.44


We submitted my Publix receipt to Receipt Hog to earn rewards – you can too. Download the receipt hog app here on your phone, and enter code: yah54683 to get extra spins at the Hog Slots and earn more rewards.

We also earned points toward gift cards with the ShopKick App and the Checkpoints App – please use our referral code jrfrugalmom when you sign up at Checkpoints. Plus we got a $1.75 Ibotta Bonus.

After this shopping trip we had enough points for both a $5 Amazon gift card from Receipt Hog and a $5 Marshalls gift card from ShopKick.

  4 Responses to “Free Food, Awesome Cereal Deals and More & Publix – We Saved $97!”

  1. When I attempted to use the Winn Dixie baby club coupons the cashier pointed out Pulix doesn’t accept those because the last line in small print says , Must use rewards card and since public doesn’t have rewards cards they don’t accept those . I’ve used them before but apparently according to two different cashiers there is a notice in the break room

  2. WJ, I am not surprised to hear this. Publix has been changing their coupons policies so much that it is hard to keep up and use coupons at all. I’m not having any problems at my local Publix stores, but once at our old town I had a similar experience. I talked to a manager and the problem was solved. It is so frustrating, when they change their policies. If you have another Publix store around these might work for your there. Good luck!

  3. Yeah i was surprised as if just used some a short while ago. This cashier seemed very proud of his “catch “…I was going to speak to the manager but didn’t want to wait around, next time I see him I’ll ask

  4. LOVE the apps! I use Receiptpal, Shopkick, Receipt Hog, Yaarlo and a new one called Hop. Every little bit helps that’s for sure! 🙂

    Just wish we had a publix in IL, but we dont, i guess i’m thankful for 1 store who will double coupons, even tho their prices are a bit higher and not as much selection…

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