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‘This week Scotties are on BOGO sale at Publix, and we made sure to stock up. Someone is always sniffling around here, whether it is due to allergies or  colds, and we need to have Scotties on hand. Just this morning, our youngest son yelled out ” I need tissues,” as he was running out the door to go to school. He grabbed a handful of Scotties to stuff in his pocket, and then he was on his way.

scotties facial tissue

Scotties facial tissue makes it easy to have our boxes of facial tissue blend in around our home, so that there is always a box of Scotties within reach. Now that Christmas decorations are up, we’ve got the Scotties winter boxes blending in with the decor. But we’re also thrilled that we can still get our hands on our Scottie’s regular favorite designs that fit well with our beachy and coastal decor.

This year Christmas is going to be extra special here in the Frugality Is Free family, because we are celebrating Christmas in our own home. Over the summer we took a leap and moved to our favorite city, a coastal community in North Florida, where we can slow down and enjoy each other in safe surroundings. The kids still hold out hope that we’ve moved north enough to see snow, but with the temperatures alternating between 50 and 70 degrees,  the only snow we’ll have around here is the snow on the Scotties winter designs.


The kids have all settled into our new community with ease, but with all the changes it is even more important than ever that we bring comfort into the holiday season. This is why we are holding on to our family traditions. We celebrate the holidays in a northern European way with the emphasis being on Christmas Eve, dancing around the Christmas tree and even opening gifts on Christmas Eve. We eat and bake, we cook, and we decorate, but we also do something a little different. We are an interracial, intercultural, international family, and because of that the the comfort of the holidays are also a way of bringing focus on accepting others and respecting other cultural traditions.

For many years we’ve been hosting holiday parties focusing on more than just our own Christian heritage, and we have joined hands with our Muslim and Jewish friends, as we’ve shared our cultural and religious traditions. This year more than ever, the holidays are about respecting each other’s differences. Now that we are far away from our friends down south, we are thrilled to be welcoming friends into our home for a long sleepover, and we are so excited to once again be sharing our traditions and learning about theirs.

In our family the holidays are also about protecting our planet and we try to enjoy the nature as much as possible. We’ve been out picking pine cones and collecting seashells for our decorations, and we take great pride in picking out our Christmas tree.

Scotties do the same, and that’s why we are proud to buy Scotties products. Scotties stand behind its tree planting promise to plant three trees for every one they use to produce Scotties products. This means that three seedlings will be planted in the spring and summer months for every one used to produce Scotties products the previous year.

Scotties have  3-ply, or 3-ply with aloe facial tissue for the extra strength you need, and we especially love the 3-ply facial tissue with aloe. With all of our allergies and colds, we go through a lot of  facial tissues in our family, so it is important for us that we purchase products manufactured by companies focused on sustainability.

The J.D. Irving, Limited specialists have planted over 8850 million trees on owned and Crown land in Canada and the company has developed and follows guidelines for sustainable forest management, including measures to protect water quality, biodiversity, wildlife habitat, species at risk and forest with exceptional conservation value. J.D. Irving, Limited has over 20 percent of its forest dedicated as conservation habitats.


Scotties winter designs

What’s your favorite Scotties  design?

How do you bring comfort home during this time of the year?


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Disclaimer: The Frugality Is Free family received a complimentary Scotties Care Package for the purpose of hosting a giveaway. Any opinions expressed above are based solely on our family’s experience with the facial tissues from Scotties.


  99 Responses to “Bring In The Season with Scotties Winter Designs + A $25 Amazon Giveaway”

  1. For the holiday designs, I really like the polar bear design.

  2. What bring us the most comfort is being able to start up the fireplace on the cold winter nights. I love surrounding it with the family sipping on hot chocolate or just chilling and talking.

  3. I bring comfort home by making favorite food and enjoy with the my family.

  4. I bring comfort home by keeping the house warm, baking our favorite treats and taking our our warmest comforters.

  5. What bring us the most comfort is being able to just be ourselves. We love to start a nice fire, cozy up, put on some TV and have a few drinks.

  6. My favorite Scotties design box is the light blue box with white snowflakes covering the whole box.

  7. My favorite Scotties design is the one with the houses and the snowflakes! I think it is a really nice looking box!

  8. Our family members all seem to find comfort in traditions and food so we do a lot of baking and cooking this time of year.

  9. The polar bear design is cute.

    • The polar bear design is cute. Scotties are a must-have during the winter months! We’re going into cold and flu season.

  10. I love the design of the town at night. All the windows are lit and the snow is falling. It is just beautiful.

  11. I bring comfort home by decorating my house very festively and making my family’s favorite recipes and cookies.

  12. I like the design with the lit up houses and the snow falling.

  13. My favorite Scotties design is the one with the houses and the snowflakes! I think it is a really nice looking box!
    Thanks for the contest.

  14. My favorite is the one with the houses on it.

  15. My favorite design are the row of houses in the snow with the dark blue background. We keep tissue in every room of the house and bring comfort by having warmth and nice smells like vanilla and cinnamon through the house for the season.

  16. I like the one with the trees and snow on it. Looks like what I see when I look at a window.

  17. The houses are nice.

  18. My favorite is the gray box with the winter trees. It would look nice with my decor.

  19. The polar bear one, yes! Your blog is awesome, thank you!

  20. I like the night scene of houses with snow falling Scotties holiday tissue box. They would like nice in my guest bathroom.


  22. I really like the snow flake design! Super cute! I bring comfort to my home in the winter by having apple cider ready on the stove!

  23. I like the polar bear box. Thank you for the great giveaways on your blog.

  24. I like the polar bear design.

  25. My favorite Scotties design is the blue box with the houses and the falling snow. We don’t get snow where we live so it lets us pretend that we’re in a winter wonderland for the holidays.

  26. I like the holiday town with the snow. Very nice and festive!

  27. My favorite design is the winter forest scene. I bring comfort to the home by cooking goodies to gift to friends that pop on by. The smell of fresh baked goods fills the home and of course everyone loves the cookies!

  28. Love the winters forest!!! My favorite of all!!! So festive and beautiful!!!

  29. I bring comfort into my home with lots of coffee and candles! 🙂

  30. With the snow falling outside, we like to get a roaring fire going in the woodstove! I also love baking cookies with the kids and drinking hot chocolate!

  31. My favorite Scotties design is the polar bear box. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  32. I bring comfort home this time of year in various ways. If I can find holiday designs on paper towels or tissue boxes like Scotties, I buy them. I put out warm throws on our chairs and couches. I serve warming soups and entrees like chicken and dumplings. We also wear slippers and use our fireplace to keep things cozy. Hot tea and hot chocolate make us feel comfortable too.

  33. I like the design with the Shooting Stars

  34. The polar bear design

  35. I like the one with the polar bears.

  36. With cold weather coming on…you need some Scotties in the Winter design.
    Good to have on hand.

  37. I need some Scotties…I need some Scotties. I had a runny nose….and I need Scotties.

  38. If you want to bring home comfort…bring home Scotties. You’ll need them.
    Believe me…..Ah choo….Ah choo

  39. My favorite Scotties design is the cute bird with the ornaments. Thanks for the chance!

  40. I like the light green stripey design with the bright round flowers – so happy! ( I love their kitten mascots too!!)

  41. I love the boxes with the trees and gray background. All designs are pretty. I would pick any of them.

  42. On snowy days, we like to turn on the fireplace for some comfort.

  43. I bring comfort home by sitting by the fire with a good book and a box of Scotties in a beautiful snow design

  44. I love the snowy winter night design!

  45. I like the design that has trees with a gray box. I bring comfort to my home during the holidays with keeping a nice warm house and have treats for the kids.

  46. My favorite Scotties design box is the light blue box with white snowflakes.

  47. Oh my goodness we go through the tissues here. I love all their designs but the Polar Bear catches my eye the most.

  48. I love all the designs. I think my favorite is the polar bear design – really cute. Thanks for the chance!

  49. I bring comfort home by keeping up the traditions my mother and grandmother did when I was growing up

  50. I like the Scotties 2 ply in the magenta colored box with the orchids on it. I bring comfort home by keeping our home clean and low key with plush, comfortable things that make you feel relaxed.

  51. My favorite Scotties design box is the light blue box with white snowflakes. Pretty winter design.

  52. My favorite Scotties design is the Limes with yellow flowers. It is a very beautiful design.

  53. I bring comfort home by cooking comfort foods, making it warm in my house and always tidy. I try.

  54. My favorite Scotties design is the box with the birds. Very simple but very pretty. I love buying holidays products to help decorate my home.

  55. During this time of year. I try to have nice decorations around the house I try to have a comfortable and quiet reading space for those of us who like to read. And I love to bake goodies for the family.

  56. We have soft lighting, lots of blankets, and extra pillows to bring some comfort into our home.

  57. I bring comfort into our home by having a electric fireplace we use, it creates such a comforting mood and during the holidays with the christmas tree lit we dont light any other lights. I love it, so peaceful and relaxing!

  58. My favorite Scotties design would be the one with snow following on the houses. I bring comfort into our home by keeping it warm, and baking a lot.

  59. Comfort to us is baking a bunch of cookies and cakes during the holidays. I work at a nursing home and I like to bring some in for my work family and the residents. Comfort isn’t just at our home, it is at others at well.

  60. The polar bear design is my favorite but they are all cute.

  61. I like the design with the houses and the snowflakes. I like to snuggle up with my dogs for comfort.

  62. i love the polar bear design its like coca cola when you see the bear you know the holidays are close and the sniffle weather to go along with it

  63. My favorite design is the polar bear 🙂

  64. The scotties design I like the best would be the one with snow falling on the houses.

  65. I bring comfort to my home by making sure I have some wintery scents in the wax warmer and plenty of tissues around the house for all my little runny noses!

  66. I like the Holiday scene with the houses and snow.Very nice.

  67. The polar bear design 🙂

  68. I love the design with the trees and the cute bird

  69. i bring comfort home by being nice and warm and loving to my family.

  70. I love the Town at Night design – cute!! Also, I bring comfort to our home by fixing my hubby & I a hot cup of tea on a cold day!

  71. The polar bear box is perfect for this time of the year.

  72. I love the box with the white kittens. But I have really nice tissue box covers. I have them in all my rooms to match my decor.

  73. I love the Scotties bright colored square boxes the most. I try to bring comfort to my home this time of year by making it cozy with candles, throw blankets, and pillows.

  74. i bring comfort home this season by keeping my home warm and cozy and well stocked up on winter essentials such as nice tissues hot soup and hot cocoa

  75. I like the white kitten design. I bring comfort home by sitting in front of my wood stove.

  76. I have been collecting polar bears for many years. Specifically the Coke polar bears. The box featuring the polar bears would be awesome!

  77. I really like the holiday designs.

  78. I bring home the comfort with soft pillows and blankets set up on the couch than homemade soup.

  79. My favorite Scotties design box is the light blue box with white snowflakes covering the whole box.

  80. My favorite design is the one with the trees! Very pretty

  81. We put up a lot of household decorations to bring in the comfort during the holidays. We try to make everyone feel at home here.

  82. I keep the humidifier going and keep plenty of fresh juices for the family and lots of tissues too

  83. I love the winter village scene with the beautiful falling snow.

  84. I bring comfort home by making cookies with the nieces and sharing conversations in a cozy room with my family!

  85. The polar bear design would be my favorite. I bring comfort by making comfort food that makes my family happy.

  86. I bring comfort home by keeping my little ones warm, making hot cocoa and keeping necessary items in hand for when one of us catches a cold.

  87. subscribe beach email: slehan at excite dot com

  88. My favorite box design is the light blue box with the snowflakes on it, I love snowflakes!

  89. I like all of the designs but I think my favorite is the box with the Polar Bear!

  90. The polar bear design is my favorite.

  91. These are really cute,my family would love the polar bear design

  92. I like the one with the tree design. I bring comfort to my home by having Christmas lights lit and cookies for everyone to eat.

  93. I love the houses with the snow. Beautiful scenes that are comforting all at once.

  94. I like the polar bear

  95. I would love to win

  96. We literally “bring comfort home” during the winter by keeping the air inside our home humidified: helps cut down on the incidence of cold & flu in the family, and your skin doesn’t get as dried out ! There’s that…and my wife always has fresh flowers around to remind us of Spring.

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