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Our new town has a very slim selection of clothes in the thrift stores, and so I have come to love online consignment shopping. With four kids in the house, it feels as if I am always shopping for clothes, and yet someone is always needing something. Thankfully, Schoola has frequent sales, and when there is a sale I take advantage. If I can spend $25+ on a bunch of great quality clothes, instead of buying one or two pieces in the stores then I’ve stretched my budget far.

How To Save at Schoola:

  1. Sign up for Schoola here and get $10 to shop for. (This is our referral link – if you sign up, see what you like and actually use your $10, we get $10 to shop for too)
  2. Go select the sizes you need, the brands you want, and then click low to high prices in the top right corner. Shop for your $10 Schoola credit.
  3. In the sidebar you can choose the tab condition and just choose “good” for the best pieces of clothing.
  4. Your cart expires after 15 minutes, which means the item becomes available for someone else to bu To avoid your favorite items being snatched up by someone else – and yes that happens – simply add a new item before your time expires. It is easy to remove the item again at checkout.
  5. At checkout, hold down the CTRL key while you click on each photo, and you can expect the clothing closer with the zoom function.
  6. Use Schoola coupon code: 604U to get 60% off all orders of $60 or more = $60 in your cart becomes $24. See my deals below…
  7. You get FREE shipping with orders of $25+
  8. Tell your friends about this deal, and get $10 if they decide to shop for their $10 Schoola credit too!


Today I chose to focus on getting some school-appropriate clothing and basics for our daughter, since she will be starting school in August. I also found some great pieces for the boys, and I was amazed to have 2 jackets among the finds for today.


Take a look at what I found:

If I had purchased everything new, I would have spent more than $315 on all of the above clothing. Instead I paid $29 with free shipping, that’s a deal that can’t be beat, especially not at our local thrift stores. Everything came to $2.41 a piece, which is a much better price than I could find around here. I love the selection of clothes found at Schoola, and I take my time while sorting through all the finds. I basically put everything I love into my cart, so that I never run out of time, and then I start sorting. Once in a while I’ll have to add another piece just to prevent the cart from expiring. The result is a cart full of the best pieces of clothing for my kids.


For my daughter I have a very elaborate clothing system, and I actually have everything she owns written down in a word document by size, type, color and brand. This way I know what she needs, and I’ll buy it when I find it at a price I can afford. Take for example the tank tops I bought today. I knew she only had a white tank top, and she needed other colors, and at $1.60 a piece it was pick up time. As soon as clothes come in the door, I make sure to add it to her list.


With the boys I don’t write everything down, but I will make a note, if I notice they need something. The two youngest boys are hard on their jeans, because they go all out at PE and recess, so I am always looking for new-to-them jeans. If I pay less than $3 for a pair of shorts and it makes through at least two boys, before being sold or donated then I’m satisfied. I do write down all shoes, for all kids, because I usually buy several sizes up.


Thanks to the great prices at Schoola our kids have way too much clothes, but the clothing is such great quality that it can easily be sold off. I only buy from the “good condition” section, and I inspect each item carefully before I buy. If something fails to sell after we’re done with it, then it ends up being donated back to Schoola and the profits go to the kids’ schools.


Schoola is not just for kids clothes. Both my husband and I have revived our old college wardrobes with clothes from Schoola, and we wear brands that we could never afford at the mall. Our oldest son is starting high school net year, and he is getting hard to shop for. He is tall, skinny and has long arms and big feet. Oh boy, it would be a nightmare shopping for him at the mall. Thanks to Schoola I can shop his favorite styles and brands and they have such a big collection that I  always find something for him.


Do you shop online consignment? What would you get for your $10?

  3 Responses to “60% Off Schoola Coupon Code =$1.60 & Up Clothes For The Entire Family”

  1. I just sent a big bag of clothes into Schoola! feel your pain with finding clothes though! I have 3 boys my oldest is 13 and he’s already 5′ 8″ and skinny as can be and starting high school next year. None of the jeans i find him fit either in the waist or length, it’s one or the other. sigh. So difficult, thought i struck gold with Aeropostle closing but the jeans were a tad too short and the waist too big. sigh… Much of my clothes went through all 3 of them but my youngest didn’t always fall in line with his brothers and by the time jeans get to him they dont always look ‘good’.

    • Oh Debbie, that’s exactly what I’ve been dealing with. My oldest son is tall, my middle son is average height, and our youngest is taller than average. Jeans do not make it past my middle son, as he is tough on them, but Schoola has been a huge help in restocking.

      I’ve had luck finding jeans for my oldest son at Swap…. let me find a referral link (http://referral.swap.com/273510135144398848), this should get you $10 to shop for and free shipping on your first order.

      I have found that Swap.com is better at labeling men’s jeans with width and height than Schoola. My son is 14, going into high school next year – he is 6′ and skinny, and it seems like he outgrows the jeans I’ve been finding in a few months.

      The boys size 20 jeans at Kohls and JCP were the last jeans he fit into in boys sizes, but once he made it past 5’9″, they no longer fit in the length. It found the transition to me confusing, but I think I’ve got it now.

      The last jeans I found at Swap were Levis: Waist: 30 and Length 34 and Lucky Jeans: Waist 29 and Length 34. I ended up paying $7 for each, but they were in great condition, and I was just thrilled to find something that actually fit him.

  2. Oh JR Frugal thank you so much! I will check Swap. the 30×34 is what my husband wears and now I’ll be searching that size for 2 of them! I just bought 18 and 20 Levi’s from their 40% off sale, the 20 are big in the waist still, but the 18 seem to fit. My middle son is even skinnier, he was a preemie and has always been tiny, but he’s growing height just not waist! 🙂

    I’ll for sure check them out as at the rate he’s going he’s growing 2 inches a year and he’s not even 14 yet. i’m not sure when they stop but he’s already borrowing some of his dads things!

    I’ve had alot of luck with my youngest (who is 8) and getting him jeans on Children’s place when they have a blowout sale I can usually get them for $5 or so with coupons. I stock up, one year i bought each size and about 4 of each one, he’s finally moved to size 8 now the 10 and 12s are waiting patiently. 🙂

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