Jun 012017

Every year our children start off the summer with a visit to Barnes & Noble to participate in the Barnes & Noble summer reading program. They hand in their completed reading logs, and then they pick out a free book. It is such a great way to start off the summer reading, and the program gets the kids excited about reading.

We recommend finishing your reading logs early, since there’s a greater selection of books to choose between, if you go early in the summer. You can get your Barnes and Noble reading program journal here, or you can pick it up at your local B&N store.

Barnes and Noble summer reading program 2017

We also participate in our local library’s summer reading program, where the kids can earn free books, and we have our own reading program at home too. Our summer reading program includes keeping track of all books read, and then the kids get paid 10 – 25 cents per book toward new books. At the end of the summer, the kids then choose whether they want to buy a bunch of new books or chose a new book at the bookstore to spend their summer reading program earnings on.

barnes and Noble summer reading

After picking out their free books at Barnes & Noble, the kids browsed the book store, and a couple of them found a few books that they want too work toward this summer. It’s always great to have a goal, and it makes summer reading a little easier for hesitant readers.

Barnes and Noble free book

The Barnes and Noble free book program starts May 16 and ends September 5th, 2017.

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