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This week, June 1st – June 7th, Scotties Facial Tissues www.scottiesfacial.com is hosting a Cat & Kitten Adoption Event at Humane Society of Tampa Bay www.humanesocietytampa.org. This is one of three adoption events across the country! For this week only, all cat and kitten adoptions up to $5,000 will be sponsored (free to good homes!) in an effort to get these fabulous felines into loving forever homes.


Since 2014 Scotties has helped more than 700 cats find new loving homes, and the company hopes to find new homes for more than 100 cats during this years event.

 scotties cat adoption programscotties cat adoption program
All cats and kittens are spayed / neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, and tested for temperment. Would love for you to share this event, and help us make it a great success. For more information, please see the attached press release or check out our Facebook event.


Scotties Facial Tissues will be supporting feline adoptions at three rescue organizations along the east coast in an effort to place select cats and kittens into loving permanent homes. The recipients each receiving $5,000 include the Animal Protective Foundation in New York, The Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Massachusetts and The Humane Society of Tampa Bay in Florida.


We’re so excited that Scotties is hosting this event, because there are so many cats out there needing loving homes. We just adopted our first cat two months ago, our darling Peachy, and he has been such a great addition to our family. We adopted him from a local Florida shelter, and there were about 50 cats in the room also needing new families. In fact, we almost brought home two cats, because another cat hid in the carrier, and it was not until we were about too leave that we discovered that we had gotten two cats instead of one.
Take a look at some of the cats and kittens needing new homes.


Scotties cat adoption event
Scotties cat adoption event
Scotties cat adoption event
The kittens
Scotties cat adoption event

Our Peachy

Win It

To the Celebrate Scotties Cat Adoption Week, Scotties is giving away a $25 Amazon gift card and a Scotties care pack
to one of Frugality Is Free’s readers.
 Tell me if you have a pet(s), and if you ever adopted a pet.
Then follow the steps in the giveaway form to increase your chances for winning.
You can learn more about Scotties Facial Tissues, their products and promotions at
Scotties giveaway

US Giveaway rules

FIF is not responsible for prize shipment.

This giveaway will end Wednesday July 5th at midnight EST.

Disclaimer: The Frugality Is Free family received a complimentary Scotties Care Package for the purpose of hosting a giveaway. Any opinions expressed above are based solely on our family’s experience with the facial tissues from Scotties.

  52 Responses to “Cat & Kitten Adoption Event with Scotties + Care Pack & $25 Amazon Giveaway”

  1. I don’t have a pet right now. I adopted a dog years ago.

  2. I don’t have a pet right now. I adopted a dog years ago. I’m planning to adopt a poodle again in the future.

  3. We have a dog. We did adopt a dog we had years ago.

  4. I have two cats, their names are Fred and Ginger. Both cats are age 11 and are siblings. Fred is my favorite but he can be a bully at times! So when giving out treats, I dole them out one at a time to allow Ginger her fair share.

  5. We have a spoiled dog. I rescued a stray puppy from a pipe a very long time ago, but she died 8 years ago from cancer at the ripe old age of 15 1/2.

  6. Oh yes.
    Every pet for past 30 years or more..volunteers too.
    Very rewarding

  7. Yes, we have two cats. We adopted both cats at the same time.

  8. Yes, I have a dog that I adopted 5 years ago.

  9. I don’t currently have a pet or have adopted one, but I would love to get a cat!

  10. I have 2 dogs right now. One of them I found on the highway in an ice storm. So I brought him home.

  11. We adopted our last dog from the pound. She turned out to be one of our best pets. Right now we only have “grand” cats and dogs.

  12. My grandparents have adopted 2 dogs in their lifetime, and both have turned out to be great dogs. I got my dog from a breeder.

  13. We have a dog that is a rescue dog. He is awesome but still after a 3 years, scared of men. I love these adoption events because animals get to go to loving homes.

  14. right now we have a dog, we adopted her. we have had cats in the past too. we always adopt.

  15. I have one cat right now. Her name is Kitt-Kat, but we call her Kitty.
    She was a stray that we took in 5 years ago. We have adopted a dog from a shelter and he was with us for 14 years until he passed away last year.

  16. We have a dog named Emmett. He has been with us 10 years,\. This would be great.

  17. I have three cats, all given to us by those that came along a stray cat and didn’t know what to do with them.

  18. We currently have no pets. We’ve had birds, cats and dogs in the past, but currently asthma and allergies keep us from adopting any.

  19. We have pets, many, we have 3 adopted a pets at this time.

  20. We have a dog and are planning to adopt another one. Kids are also hoping to adopt a cat, I just don’t know if they can all get along.

  21. Yes, We have a cat named Buddy. We have adopted a few pets, both cats and dogs.

  22. I have one dog that I adopted from a local humane society.

  23. We lost our beloved dog danny to cancer it hurts so bad can’t even think of another pet now he was our little boy.

  24. I have a black lab dog named Jack. I have never adopted a pet. Thanks for the giveaway!

  25. I have a chinchilla and a elderly indoor cat we adopted over two years ago. I also have several ferals I take care of.

  26. We have 5 cats right now that were all strays that we took in. We previously adopted our dog from The Humane Society of Tampa Bay when he was 8 years old and was blessed to have him for 6 years.

  27. I have two adorable dogs. One was a rescue dog, who was very ill when we adopted her.

  28. I have a dog and cat. My cat was found as a kitten half buried in a snow bank. My dog was adopted from a Maltese rescue.

  29. I have two dogs. I adopted them from our neighbor who had to move from her house into an apartment that doesn’t allow dogs.

  30. Yes we have two adopted dogs.

  31. I do not have any pets at the moment but have had many in the past. Never adopted one though, they just seemed to find me somehow themselves.

  32. I have five pets – three cats and two dogs – they’re all very spoiled.

  33. We have two cats, two dogs, and two birds. We are working on Noah’s Ark. Joking. I wanted to adopt two cats I saw in Petsmart, but no one ever got back to me. I later found out it was because I had two dogs. I had to purchase my animals.

  34. We don’t have any pets now (unfortunately my cat past away), but we have adopted cats from our local human society. They were good cats.

  35. we have 4 grand pets …3 dogs and a cat…the dogs visit daily with the grand kids and the Tigger the cat, who is an indoor cat, lives next door with 2 of our grand kids and we do visit daily and yes they were all adopted from the local humane society

  36. I have a little dog named Gizmo. He is a very cute black Maltipoo who is about 5 years old and still playful. I have found a kitten and raised but I have not adopted any pets.

  37. We have a little dog named Sweetie. We adopted her and she is spoiled rotten by all the family members.

  38. We have several pets and we treat them like they are part of the family and we spoil them every single day. We have adopted several pets and they are amazing so full of love and joy.

  39. I don’t have pets right now .. My daughter has three cats and she just foster a cute then cute kitten..

  40. we have adopted cats before and a dog also

  41. I rescued two cats, one was just a few days old and another about 7 months. Now they are 5 and 2 respectively. I also have a Yorkie puppy 4 months.

  42. I have 3 dogs and 1 cat — the cat adopted us and we adopted one of the dogs.

  43. I rescued a cat

  44. We have two dogs and a cat. One dog was planned, the second someone dropped off and we took in. The cat was a kitten from a cat that kept getting pregnant in our area.

  45. Oh my goodness- they are all so cute! Yes, I have several animals- dog, cat, parrot, Syrian hamster and recently I just adopted a mama cat with her two babies!

  46. I had a cat when I was little.

    • I had a cat when I was little. She was a street cat my family took in. I would adopt, but my home is not pet friendly.

  47. i have 4 kitties but none of my pets have been adopted.

  48. i have 4 cats but none are adopted but growing up we did adopt a few of our kitties and even our puppy .

  49. We have one dog. We got her from HAWS which is a animal rescue shelter. We fell in love with her the moment we saw her!

  50. I have 4 rescue cats. 3 I’ve had for 3 years and 1 I got a year ago. They are very spoiled and deserve to be!

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