Jul 122017

One of our favorite Target clearance sales are here – the 70 percent of Target summer clearance sale. We don’t even look at the summer items until clearance time, and here in Florida we still have plenty of summer left.70 Percent Off Target Summer Clearance 3

The favorite find was sunscreen at 70 percent off clearance. As low as 3.77 for a 3 pack or $1.26 per spray! We also got a mini pool for $3.89, which is perfect for today’s backyard party.


70 Percent Off Target Summer Clearance

We also found ceramic cylinders, drinking tubs and more for $1.79, and there were bean bag games for $7.49 and badminton sets for as low as 2.39.


So hurry over to your local Target store to check out their 70 Percent Off Target Summer Clearance deals.

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