Aug 192017

It’s time to shop for free, and yes I mean truly free. Y’all know that we love Schoola here in the Frugality Is Free family, and we shop there all the time. In fact we just got a huge bag of clothes in the door today with clothes for the entire family including several coats, and we just paid $25 shipped.

Today Schoola is offering free shipping n any order with the Schoola coupon code SHIP. This goes for free credit orders too. We had a $0 credit in our account from an error on our recent order.

Take a look at what we bought for free with free shipping.


If we bought this shirt new, it would have been about, and thanks to the free shipping code and free credit we got it for free.

If this is your first time shopping at Schoola, you can shop fr free too. Take a look below to see how.


  • Sign up for Schoola here and get $10 to shop for. (This is our referral link – if you sign up, see what you like and actually use your $10, we get $10 to shop for too)
  • Choose prizes low to high, and choose the gender and size you are looking for.
  • In the sidebar you can choose the tab condition and just choose “good” for the best pieces of clothing.
  • Your cart expires after 15 minutes, which means the item becomes available for someone else to bu To avoid your favorite items being snatched up by someone else – and yes that happens – simply add a new item before your time expires. It is easy to remove the item again at checkout.
  • At checkout, hold down the CTRL key while you click on each photo, and you can expect the clothing closer with the zoom function.
  • Use Schoola coupon code: SHIP to get FREE shipping
  • Offer valid through 11:59 PM Pacific Time on 8/19/17.
  • You can find an item worth less than $10 and get it completely free. However, you will have too enter your credit info, so that Schoola can ensure there’s only one sign-up-credit per user. Don’t worry, if your total is less than $10, you won’t be charged a thing.
  • Tell your friends about this deal, and get $10 if they decide to shop for their $10 Schoola credit too!

Schoola is not just for kids clothes, in fact the women’s section is loaded, and you even have the option of looking for petite or plus sizes too. Men’s clothes can be found under Teen boys, and it is possible to get brand name button-down shirts and more for as low as $0.75.

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