Jan 012018

The Target Christmas clearance schedule is faster than ever, and we picked up lots of goodies at 90 Percent off Target Holiday Clearance.


We just left our Florida Target store, and there were still lots of Christmas clearance left, so it is not too late to run to Target to stock up for next year.

90 percent off target christmas clearance


We bought lots of wrapping paper for next year, and we got some we can use for upcoming birthdays too, we got a few ornaments, gift bags for teachers’ gifts next year, and then we picked up a bunch of goodies for FIF dad’s prize box for his math and science classes.


The most expensive items in the grocery cart were the large purple tote bags on clearance at 70 cents, and we also got a few items for as low as 10 cents. The wrapping paper ranged from 25 cents to 50 cents, and the gift bags were $0.30 for 2 bags, which sure beats dollar store prices.

We used a $5 Target gift card from Swagbucks

We paid $13.90 out of pocket

We saved $146!!!


Did you find any great Christmas clearance deals at Target?

You can always find our latest Target holiday clearance deals here.

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