Jan 272018

One of our favorite online consignment stores SWAP is having a great winter clearance sale, and the deals are amazing. You can find Guess, Ralph Lauren, Levis, DKNY, Gymboree, GAP, Tommy Hilfiger and much much more for the entire family for as little as $1.80 a piece.

The trick to shopping at SWAP and getting the best deal is patience. When you click prices from low to high, the clearance priced clothing will be hidden among the regular prices, but at the original price, so keep on scrolling until you find what you like.

We have a 20 percent off discount with free shipping on your first order, when you sign up through our link below (we’ll get a little something too).


1. Sign up at SWAP here.

2. Add your filters, sizes, gender, age, type of clothing

3. Make sure to check, which clothing quality you want to look at. (we never check the fair tab)

4. If you see something you like add it to your cart, because it is hard to find again. You can always remove it later.

5. To sort through your items hold your cursor over the check out tab, then hold down CTRL and right click on each item to inspect it.

6. Once you’re ready to check out, you should get 20 % off your first order of $20 (if you’ve signed up through us) or use SWAP coupon code FREEZING to get free shipping on any order with no minimum purchase.



Did you find something great at SWAP?

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