About The Frugality Is Free Family

Frugality Is Free is a family blog, where everyone is involved in one way or another. Dad is self employed, mom is a stay-at-home mom, and our three boys ages 3, 6 and 10 years old wish they could spend every day on the beach. We have just welcomed a baby girl into our family, and Bellamy Blue (born February 2013) is a very loved little princess.
Our family lives in South Florida, and we love spending time at the beach, reading, entertaining, exploring our state and learning about the world around us.
We live a frugal lifestyle, while we are saving up for our own home, but living a frugal life does not mean that we live without.
Prioritizing is key, and our family strongly believes that frugality, health, family fun and quality should go hand-in-hand. Through a frugal lifestyle, we have been able to stretch our family’s budget far, and we find it very rewarding to help other families stretch their money as well.
At Frugality Is Free, our family shares our real-life frugal ventures, the best deals, frugal shopping, gardening, cooking and not least reviews and giveaways of some of our favorite products.

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  3 Responses to “About The Frugality Is Free Family”

  1. hi, I love your site. I was wondering what wal-mart you go to that price matches produce.. My wal-mart told me they do not price match produce because their produce are superior. When I called the corporate office they told me their price matching was up to the individual store. I live in Broward County was wondering if you go to one around here. thank you

  2. I really enjoy your site. I think that we have a lot in common when it comes to frugality. I have discovered that even on a limited budget, we can live blissfully with a bit of creativity. I find it a lot of fun actually!

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