Dec 162016
3 lbs Halo Mandarins $2.99 at ALDI

With all the sickness and stress going around, I am loading up the family with vitamin C. Thankfully ALDI is helping out budgetwise by offering 3 lbs of Halo mandarins for $2.99! That’s a price you can’t beat, elsewhere, not even with coupons. These are Non-GMO, seedless and American grown.  … Read more

Sep 162016
ALDI Paint Deals & Cereal Prices As Low As $1.19

I’m late posting our ALDI deals this week, as it has been a busy week. I’ve been painting our living room this week, and the ALDI paint deals came at the perfect time. I picked up three cans of furniture paint, as we have a few pieces of old furniture that needs a breath off beach. I also bought plenty of cereal, as our four kids go through each week.… Read more

Sep 052016
ALDI Holiday Hours Labor Day

In the past ALDI has been closed on  Labor Day, but this year things are changing. ALDI is open on Labor Day, September 5, 2016, so go ahead and get your shopping done. Keep your eyes out for ALDI snack clearance, and make sure keep a look out for the weekly deals.… Read more

Sep 022016
$0.25 ALDI Snack Clearance + $0.69 Eggs & More Low Prices

ALDI continues with great prices on milk and eggs, and we added a couple of cans of tuna and tomato soup, just in case we lost power. Thankfully the storm kept on  pulling north of us, and we only had to deal with tropical storm winds.

We found the boys’ favorite snack – hot chips – on clearance at $0.25 per bag, so we picked up a bunch.… Read more

Aug 242016
1 Gallon ALDI Milk $2.29 + More Great Prices

We’re back in our normal weekly grocery shopping routine, but what’s not back to normal is our budget. We’re still spending more than we used to on 0ur groceries, but it’s not that the prices have increased. In fact, I have found that many prices are lower than in South Florida, we’re just spending more.

I suspect that it has something to do with the fact that our boys have gotten older.… Read more

Aug 242016
Sargento Cheese Deal at Publix - $1.25 Per Bag

Publix has a great deal on Sargento shredded cheese this week, but today is the last day, so don’t let the sale pass you buy. The Sargento shredded cheese is on BOGO sale, and in the Green Advantage Ad which came out in stores this past Saturday there is a $1.50/2 Sargento shredded cheese coupon.

Bellamy Blue an I made quick Publix trip, just to stock up on the Sargento cheese, and I was thrilled to find the coupons in the store.… Read more

Aug 172016
Great ALDI Chicken Sale + Eggs $0.89 & More

ALDI has a great sale on chicken this week, but your store might limit how much you can buy, because the prices are so fantastic. This weekend I read about a family with 13 kids, who were debt free, and I could only nod in agreement, when the dad said he only shopped at ALDI.

I was hoping that our grocery budget would get back on track this week, but we are still way above what we usually spend, so I think it is time to start cutting back.… Read more

Aug 102016
Cheap ALDI Eggs and Bread Clearance

The kids are back in school, and I’m hoping to get back on track with grocery shopping. Our ALDI bill was still ridiculously high, because the boys has emptied our fridge. That’s okay though, because they are three growing boys, and now they are back in school getting some of their meals there, which will help on the grocery budget.… Read more