Jan 262015
NEW ALDI Coffee Brand - Enter To Win A $25 ALDI GC & Barissimo Coffee Giveaway

ALDI is switching gears, and their popular ALDI coffee is now being rebranded as Barissimo coffee. What does it mean for you? More great-tasting ALDI coffee with more varieties available and as always great prices./


ALDI coffee

We gave the Barissimo Fair Trade Medium Roast coffee a try, and we were impressed with the aroma, the taste and the price. At $3.99 for a 12 oz package of Fair Trade Certified coffee, ALDI has delivered.… Read more

Aug 122014
Yummy Brownie S'mores Recipe From ALDI

This summer we tried out some of ALDI’s summer recipes, and one recipe that especially caught our attention was the Backwards S’mores, or as we like to call them brownie s’mores. You can find the brownie s’mores recipe and lots of other easy summer recipes at the ALDI website.


The brownie s’mores are easy to make, all you need is a box of ALDI’s Baker’s Corner brownie mix, 2 eggs, vegetable oil, water, mini marshmallows, and Benton’s Graham Crackers.… Read more

Dec 112013
Our $35 Gourmet Christmas Dinner With Great-Tasting Holiday Foods From ALDI

Frugality Is Free Disclaimer review only

While Christmas is a supposed to be a joyous time full of laughter, family time and compassion, it can also be a very stressful time for many families, as they struggle to fill Christmas stockings, give the kids gifts from their wish lists, and put an affordable Christmas dinner on the table.

Here in the Frugality Is Free family we are on a tight budget, which is why we try to get creative, when making a great-tasting Christmas dinner on a budget.… Read more

Nov 262013
A Stress-Free Holiday Party on A Budget With ALDI Foods

Frugality Is Free Disclaimer review only

Our kids always look forward to our annual holiday party, and this year we decided to go bigger than usual. Since my due date was just a few days before our middle son’s birthday earlier this year, we decided to skip any big birthday parties, and instead the boys got to invite more of their friend to the holiday party. We had a $100 party budget, and we had invited about 15 grown ups with kids.… Read more

Nov 212013
ALDI Holiday Party Food Shopping List

The Frugality Is Free family is thrilled to be hosting our third holiday party with lots of great holiday goodies from ALDI. Today was shopping day, and I had carefully planned out a very detailed shopping list with holiday party food. Since we do most of our party shopping at ALDI due to the low prices, I almost know the prices by heart, which is a big help.… Read more

Jul 242013
A Fun & Frugal Summer Party

Frugality Is Free Disclaimer review only

Every year the Frugality Is Free family throw a fun and frugal summer party, and this year we had our summer party, when the kids’ grandparents were here. We had eight adults and nine kids at our party, and thanks to ALDI’s great prices, we were able to stretch our $100 party budget far. Our summer party this year was a dessert and pizza party, and we were thrilled to find lots of great foods to serve our guests by a quick trip to ALDI.… Read more

Jun 072013
ALDI Summer Party Foods - A $100 Budget

ALDI party foods

This week we had a party for friends, family and neighbors, and we went to ALDI to save on the summer party foods. I had a very carefully planned menu and shopping list, and I managed to stick to my $100 party budget.



ALDI Party Foods Shopping List:

1 x 24 Water @ $2.29

1 x Juice pouches $1.89

2 x Sundae Shoppe Cones @ $1.99 each

Sundae Shoppe Chocolate Cones $2.49

3 x ALDI 12 pk sodas @ $2.29 each

2 x Paper Plates 45 ct @ $1.49 each

1 x Plastic Cups 50 ct $2.29

1 x 250 ct napkins $1.29

2 x 16″ pizzas @ $5.99 each

1 x 16″ pizzas @ $4.99

2 x Potato chips @ $1.49

1 x Cheese Puffs @ $0.99

2 x Baker’s Corner Fudge Brownie Mix $1.29

Loven Cherry Pie ust Apple Pie $4.99

Cheesecake sampler $9.99

Feta cheese $1.99

2 x Chocolate Wafers Rolls @ $1.89 each

2 x Chocolate Butter Cookies @ $1.49 each

2 x Choceur Chocolate Bars @ $1.49 each

2 x Cream Filled Chocolate @ $1.99

2 x Fresh Strawberries @ $1.69 each

2 lbs Grapes @ $3.49

2 x Honey Dew $1.79

Pineapple $1.49

Watermelon $4.79

Cucumber $0.50

Mini sweet peppers $2.59

Tax $1.64

Total $100.44

– $100 ALDI gift certificates from blog promotion

Total out of pocket $0.44

Total saved compared at our regular grocery stores $25


I also spent $18 on our weekly groceries

I saved $10 on our regular groceries


Disclaimer: ALDI provided the Frugality Is Free family with gift certificate to host a summer partyRead more

Dec 152012
Hosting A Frugal Gourmet Feast with ALDI Holiday Party Food & Desserts

Throwing a holiday party for family and friends can be exciting and expensive, but thanks to ALDI party foods there is now a way to keep a gourmet party on a frugal budget. ALDI has lots of affordable holiday party food and drinks, and even specialty cheese, award-winning wines and decadent desserts can be found at ALDI at low prices.

If there is one thing I have learned over the years, it is that a fun party does not need to be overwhelming for the host, and now that I am pregnant with three boys running around, simple and easy are the main keywords behind my party preparation.… Read more

Dec 132012
$100 Party Budget - ALDI Holiday Shopping

ALDI groceries

Today the Frugality Is Free family is hosting a neighborhood holiday party, so yesterday was a big holiday shopping day at ALDI, and we sure filled up the cart. It is amazing how far it is possible to stretch a $100 party budget at ALDI, because even with gourmet products in the cart, ALDI’s prices are difficult to beat.

If I had shopped at any of our other local grocery stores, I would have paid $30 – $50 more for the party foods and gourmet products, which I purchased at ALDI for $100.… Read more

Jun 232012
A Frugal Summer Party with an ALDI Burger Bar, Fruit Buffet & More

ALDI party buffet

The South Florida summer weather can be a bit unsteady, and Thursday was no different. We had been planning a summer party for more than a week, but as our party day approached the weather began to look very gloomy. We kept our fingers crossed, the weather channel on, and then we started party prepping. Slowly, but steadily the weather forecast began to improve, and before we knew it the sun came out.… Read more

Jun 222012
ALDI Party Foods - Saved $33 - $39

We hosted a neigborhood summer party with an ALDI Burger Bar this week, so the boys and I went ALDI party shopping. With a guest list of 12 people, we had a budget of $100, and we were able to get a lot of great party foods at ALDI. I had created a menu with the help of the ALDI Summer Catalog, and shopping at ALDI was both easy and quick.… Read more

Jun 022012
Making S'mores City Style - With A Little Help From ALDI


It was a beautiful June afternoon in South Florida today, and once the shade set in over our backyard, it filled up with neighborhood kids. When I found out that it was Angel’s eight birthday today, I knew it was time to pull out a sweet treat. The perfect treat for a summer afternoon is definitely s’mores, but living in the city makes the usual bonfire impossible.… Read more