Nov 022014
Balboa Baby Blanket Review & Giveaway

Frugality Is Free Disclaimer review and giveaway

Our family has enjoyed the quality, and luxurious products from Balboa Baby over the years, and our latest Balboa Baby addition is the soft, luxury Balboa Baby baby blanket.

Balboa Baby is a favorite brand of ours for a few very important reasons: 1) The quality is in top 2) The products are washable and still looks great after years of washes and 3) The fabric designs are stunning.… Read more

Aug 112014
New Evenflo Sippy Cups Triple-Flo Tumblers

Evenflo tumblers

We are a bit picky, when it comes to sippy cups around here, so we were eager to try the new Evenflo sippy cups to see, if they could pass our tests. We received a couple of the new Evenflo Triple-Flo tumblers, which features an adjustable valve that grows with the child.

evenflo sippy cup top

The Evenflo Triple-Flo tumblers have 3 different flow rates, so that the flow rate can adjust to the age of your child just by rotating the sippy cup valve.… Read more

May 162014
Winn-Dixie Kuddles Baby Products Review & $25 Gift Card Giveaway (2 Winners!)

Frugality Is Free Disclaimer review and giveaway

Have you ever tried the Kuddles baby products from Winn-Dixie? When our middle son was little, we lived right around the corner from Winn-Dixie, and the Kuddles brand was one of our go-to-brands for store brand diapers and baby products. So when I heard about the new and improved Winn-Dixie Kuddles baby products, I was eager to give them a try.… Read more

Apr 192014
The Balboa Baby Duffle Bag - A Perfect Family Bag Review & Giveaway

Frugality Is Free Disclaimer review and giveaway

Our family spends a lot of time on the go, and we especially love going to the beach, the pool or spending time at the local YMCA. This means that we always need to have a bag ready to go, and with four kids that bag needs to fit certain criteria. After searching high and low, in store and online, we finally found the perfect family bag at Balboa Baby.… Read more

Mar 222014
Our Latest Favorite - The Baby Bee-Haven Swing Cover

Baby Bee Haven Swing Cover

Every once in a while, I come across a product that is genius. Some times the products come in the shape of a product review, sometimes as a gift, a find in a store (on clearance of course), and sometimes we are lucky enough to win some fabulous products.

Our latest Wow! product is a swing cover from Baby-Bee Haven, and wow is definitely the word I need to use to describe it.… Read more

Mar 152014
The Best Baby Food + Store Brand Formula Review & Prize Pack Giveaway

store brand baby food

When we had our oldest son 11+ years ago, we were still young, inexperienced and focused on getting the “right” kind of brands for our son whether it was clothes, diapers or formula. As two young college students on a tight budget, we quickly had a reality check, when the name brand baby foods, formula etc. broke our baby budget completely.… Read more

Feb 252014
Tiny Love Gymini Developlace Activity Mat Review & Giveaway

Frugality Is Free Disclaimer review and giveaway

Tiny Love Developlace Mat

The Tiny Love Gymnini Developlace Activity Mat is a great symbol of Tiny Love’s evolution. Over the past 20 years, the Tiny Love activity mats have become permanent items on the baby registries, and these mats surely have deserved their spots.

Our kids have all grown up with Tiny Love, which is why we are excited that Tiny Love has added a new product to their collection, which will grow with our little one.… Read more

Jan 062014
Tiny Love Take Along Bouncer Review & Giveaway

Frugality Is Free Disclaimer review and giveaway

Tiny Love Take Along Bouncer


When I first heard about the Tiny Love Take Along Bouncer, my first thought was “why didn’t they invent this 10 years ago?” The Tiny Love Take Along Bouncer is just what I needed, when I was traveling back and forth from my parents’ house to our own home every day with our middle son to help take care of my mother, who was sick.… Read more

Dec 082013
Tiny Love Starry Night Mobile & Pack ‘n Go Mini Mobile Stroller Toy Review & Giveaway

We are very excited to celebrate Bellamy Blue’s first Christmas this year, and so we have been searching for the best first holiday gift for baby. Of course, we had to look to Tiny Love, because our babies have grown up with Tiny Love.

Best Baby Toys

Bellamy Blue spends a lot of time on the go, and she always have her favor favorite toys with her in the stroller.… Read more

Oct 082013
October is SIDS Awareness Month - Enter To Win A HALO Micro-Fleece SleepSack Giveaway

Frugality Is Free Disclaimer review and giveaway

October is SIDS Awareness Month, and during the month of October, HALO will donate $1 to SIDS Awareness for every new Facebook Like.

Did you know that 80-90% of SIDS-related deaths are due to unsafe sleep practices?

For years HALO has helped spread awareness of SIDS prevention, and they’ve come out with lots of new products that help parents keep their babies safe sleepers.… Read more

Oct 012013
Holiday Gift Guide: Vtech Cora The Smart Cub Review & Giveaway

Frugality Is Free Disclaimer review and giveaway

Cora the smart cub Vtech


This year Christmas is very special at our house, because this is Bellamy Blue’s first Christmas, and it is our family’s first Christmas with a girl in the house. We have been looking for some very special gifts for our little Bellamy Blue, and of course her three big brothers think everything has to be pink for her. When we discovered Cora The Smart Cub, we knew that we had found the perfect present for our baby girl.… Read more

Aug 242013
Tiny Love Gymini Move & Play Activity Mat Review & Giveaway

Frugality Is Free Disclaimer review and giveaway

Tiny Love Gymini Move & Play Activity Mat

Bellamy Blue is one lucky girl, because she recently updated her playpen with the Tiny Love Gymini Move & Play Activity Mat. We are big Tiny Love fans in our family, and all of our boys have grown up with Tiny love activity toys. Tiny Love stands for quality and longevity around here, because when a toy, baby gear or play mat can be passed on to another family after it has been through our four kids, then the quality is in top.… Read more