Mar 022014
How To Win Giveaways - The One Year Update!

When I was pregnant with our daughter, I realized that there would be less time for blogging in the coming year, while the need for helping out with our family budget would only increase. Not wanting to sacrifice on the special time with our little daughter and her three brothers, I decided to start looking for other ways than writing reviews to help stretch the budget.… Read more

Dec 142013
Favorite Blog Giveaways and A Doll Win

I am so excited about this week’s giveaway wins, because I won two gifts for the kids. My favorite gift is a Springfield doll from Mudpies & Tiaras. Bellamy blue is getting her first doll this Christmas (a baby appropriate doll), but the Springfield doll will be perfect for her second birthday…and yes I am already getting together her 2nd birthday gifts.… Read more

Dec 072013
Giveaways of the Week

With four kids in the family, there really isn’t enough time in the day to do everything, and entering giveaways do take time. Still, we simply cannot afford not to enter giveaways. Why? Because Christmas is coming up, and then there are the 4 birthdays plus gifts for our closest relatives. We love giving gifts, but we could never do so without being a little creative.… Read more

Dec 012013
Favorite December Blog Giveaways + 1 Win

We won one giveaway this week – Yeah! It sure has been a while. This week we won a pack of diapers and a pajamas for our little one.


Did you win any great giveaways this week? Have you won any gifts for Christmas?

Holiday Gift Guide 2013

 Giveaways at Frugality Is Free:


The 2013 Holiday Gift Guide

The 2013 Baby Guide


Favorite Giveaways of the Week:

Shoebuy Giveaway  at Ahh-Mazing Giveaways – 12/5

ZAGGsparq 3100 Giveaway at Ahh-Mazing Giveaways – 12/9

Springfield Doll Giveaway   at Ahh-Mazing Giveaways – 12/2

Wind & Weather Giveaway at Ahh-Mazing Giveaways – 12/2

Savvy Cents Wallet at Ahh-Mazing Giveaways – 12/6

Wind & Weather Giveaway at Ahh-Mazing Giveaways – 12/10

American Girl Room Giveaway at By The Sea – 12/13

Gymboree Giveaway at Susan’s Disney Family – 12/9


at Ahh-Mazing Giveaways – 12/5… Read more

Nov 242013
Favorite November Blog Giveaways

It’s been a crazy busy week, and there has not been  time for entering giveaways. I usually enter giveaways after the kids go to bed, but this week I’ve actually fallen asleep with the kids on several occasions due to exhaustion. There were no giveaway wins, but we did receive a few prizes that had been long underway. Thanks to giveaway wins, we are all set for Christmas.… Read more

Nov 162013
Favorite Blog Giveaways of the Week: November

We did not win any blog giveaways this week, but I’ve been really bad at entering, so I  am not surprised. We did receive several prizes in the mail though, and many of them have been put away for Christmas.

Today, I finally went through the emails, to check in with blogs, where I was missing prize from. I usually send of an email, if it has been more than 8 weeks, since I won the giveaway, and there were quite a few – 8 prizes that I had won, but never received, including two from the spring.… Read more

Oct 052013
October Blog Giveaway Wins & Favorites

This week I won two blog giveaways. The first giveaway win was a Umi shoes gift card, which I hope to get some great quality school shoes on clearance with for my kids. We love Umi shoes, but they are way above our budget, so winning gift cards helps out a lot.

The second prize this week was a Disney Planes video game, which I actually entered, because I knew someone else who could use it.… Read more

Sep 282013
Blog Giveaway Favorites & Wins

This week I won two fabulous giveaways. First I won a Safety 1st Safety Bundle, which includes a very much needed baby gate. It is perfect timing, as we are in the process of baby proofing, as Bellamy Blue is now 7 months old. The second giveaway prize was a beautiful pink leotard, which I am sure Bellamy Blue will grow into much sooner than I want her too.… Read more

Sep 212013
Giveaways of the Week

This week was a week without any giveaway wins, but I am not complaining. I just went through my baby girl’s clothing, and I was amazed to see how many beautiful hair accessories, shoes and clothing that I have won for her. I keep on hoping that I ‘ll win a car seat for my little one, but I’ll admit that I am beginning to give up hope.… Read more

Sep 142013
Our Favorite Blog Giveaways of the Week + Wins

With four kids in our family, it is no secret that there is little room for extras in our strict budget. This is why I enter giveaways, because, by winning essentials, toys, clothing, shoes and more I can give my kids what they need…or want without having to dig into the budget. This week I won a Quinny Yezz stroller for my baby girl, which I hope will work out great for bus trips. … Read more

Sep 072013
Blog Giveaways of the Week

This week was my birthday week, and while my husband is anti gifts and birthdays, I received gifts through giveaways, and I even went on a small shopping spree thanks to the Kohl’s gift card that I won the previous week. This week I won a pair of Therafit sandals, a French Toast giveaway plus a pair of Pediped shoes from Eighty MPH Mom.… Read more