Jun 012014
National Geographic Kids World Atlas Review & Giveaway

Frugality Is Free Disclaimer review and giveaway

Summer in the Frugality Is Free family means lot of fun, adventure, morning trips to the beach, lazy afternoons by the pool and more, but it also means freedom to learn and explore topics in depth that there were no time to study for during the busy school year. It also means catching up on subjects that the school went over too quickly, because the focus was on teaching for the tests on which their funding depends.… Read more

May 032014
Surf Sharks The First Ride Book Review & Giveaway

Frugality Is Free Disclaimer review and giveaway
Surf Sharks The First Ride

With an aspiring shark scientist in the family, the new book series Surf Sharks quickly got my attention. Surf Sharks – The First Ride is a fun book about a group of sharks and the dangers they face every day. Surf Sharks follow three young sharks from Fin City, as they meet and connect with three young surfers.

Surf Sharks is a catching book that keeps the attention of shark lovers, and with impressive illustrations full of color and action, Surf Sharks is difficult to put down.… Read more

May 132013
Octavia and Her Purple Ink Cloud by Donna and Doreen Rathmell Review

Frugality Is Free Disclaimer review only

OctaviaOctavia and Her Purple Ink Cloud is a cute and educational story about Octavia Octapus, who lives in a secret cave in a coral reef. Through a game called “how to hide from a hungry creature”, she teaches kids how different animals use different tactics to escape harm from predators.

In addition to teaching kids about ocean animals, the book Octavia also teaches kids about colors.… Read more

Jul 112012
Barefoot Books Review and Giveaway

Barefoot BooksIf you want to raise curious readers, it is important to surround them with books that keep their interest, and one of the best book stores for this purpose is Barefoot Books. Barefoot Books sells some of the best children’s books to help encourage imagination, foster diversity as well as captivate young minds, and their unique books are both colorful and full of flavor.… Read more

May 142012
The Extraordinary Education of Nicolas Benedict Review (Low Entry Giveaway Ends 5/16)

The Extraordinary Education of Nicolas BenedictMy nine-year-old son has been reading The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict (The Mysterious Benedict Society)  by Trenton Lee Stewart, and he will be reviewing it for all of you.

About The Extraordinary Education of Nicolas Benedict: (From Amazon.com)

Nine-year-old Nicholas Benedict has more problems than most children his age. Not only is he an orphan with an unfortunate nose, but he also has narcolepsy, a condition that gives him terrible nightmares and makes him fall asleep at the worst possible moments.Read more

Dec 072011
The Christmas Eve Ghost by Shirley Hughes (Book Review)

The Christmas Eve GhostThe Christmas Eve Ghost by Shirley Hughes is a children’s book about the hardship of the working class in 1930s Liverpool, but it is also a story about trusting in others, the survival of human kindness in tough times, and it is about accepting kindness when it is offered. 

The siblings Bronwen and Dylan live with their mother in 1930s’ Liverpool.… Read more
Dec 062011
AdoraPet Mini Books For Kids Review & Giveaway
AdoraPet mini books
Whenever I am on the go with my toddler, I always try to keep a supply of small cars, crayons, a mini notebook  and small books with me, because I never know, when I am going to need it. Once a week I take the bus, and while my toddler loves the bus, he quickly grows bored with riding on the bus, and this is one of those times where I need to pull some magic out of my purse.… Read more
Dec 042011
A Christmas Carol: A Pop-Up Book by Chuck Fischer (Book Review)

A Christmas Carol: A Pop-Up Book (Pop Up Book)Charles Dickens’ classic holiday story A Christmas Carol has come to life in the most incredible way in Chuck Fischer’s A Christmas Carol: A Pop-Up Book.  

The transformation of this classic tale is spectacular, and page after page Fischer continue to impress with his stunning paintings, which have been made completely unforgettable by Bruce Foster’s paper engineered pop-up pages. Together Fischer and Foster have created a masterpiece.… Read more
Nov 062011
Flightless Goose by Eric D. Goodman
Flightless GooseThis morning my boys listened to Flightless Goose on their read-along cd twice, then they asked me to read it to them out loud, and finally my eight-year-old son read it by himself. This is to show you that Flightless Goose is a hit at my house, it is a story based on a real goose from Ohio, and it is a story with a very important message that children understands and can relate to.Read more
Oct 102011
H Is For Haunted House by Tanya Lee Stone (Children's Book Review)

H Is for Haunted House: A Halloween Alphabet BookH Is for Haunted House: A Halloween Alphabet Book by Tanya Lee Stone is a fun alphabet book with a great Halloween spin. Descriptive seasonal rhymes along with detailed and colorful illustrations keep young children interested in learning their alphabet without even realizing it. Reading H Is For Haunted House out loud to my sons took me quite a while, as they kept on finding something in the illustrations that piqued their curiosity.Read more

Aug 132011
The Nutria Frog Kingdom by Bayou Bennett (Children's Book Review)
The Nutria Frog Kingdom by Bayou Bennett is a new favorite children’s book at my house, as its magical storyline encourages children and adults alike to take care of the environment and protect the endangered species in our swamps. 
This environment protection story takes place in the Louisiana bayou, the precious swamps that are of significant importance to the health of the state of Louisiana and to our country.Read more
Aug 122011
My Name Is Sangoel by Karen Lynn Williams and Khadra Mohammed

My Name Is Sangoel (Young Readers)My Name Is Sangoel by Karen Lynn Williams and Khadra Mohammad tells the story of Sangoel, an eight-year-old boy, who is a Sudanese refugee. His father was killed in the war, and as a result of the war Sangoel, his mother, and his sister are all staying at a refugee camp in Sudan.

My Name is Sangoel is a book that candidly portrays life in America from the viewpoint of an immigrant, and as we follow Sangoel on his journey from a refugee camp in Sudan to a new life in America, we get a rare but honest look into what it is like for children of immigrants to uproot and migrate to a new life, a new culture and a new country.… Read more