Apr 132015
Girl & Doll Dress Up From Always Under Pay + Fairy Costume Giveaway

Our two-year-old Bellamy Blue is as girly as can be, and in a house full of boys she surely adds some sparkle, pink and girliness. Our daughter loves her dolls, and she takes very good care of them. She especially loves playing doll dress up, and she loves playing dress up herself as well. So, when I discovered Always Under Pay, an online store which specializes mainly in girl dress up clothes and doll dress up clothes, I knew their matching doll and girl clothes would be a hit with Bellamy.… Read more

Jun 102014
What To Wear Summer 2014 - Hot Trends From Necessary Clothing

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It is finally summer time, and this means time to figure out what to wear for summer. Call me crazy, but I am quite picky, when it comes to shoes. First of all, I am not fond of open toe or open heel shoes, which is kind of ironic, since I spend most of the summer in sandals and flip flops at the pool and the beach.… Read more

Jun 022014
Yochi Yochi Squeaky Shoes Review & Giveaway

Frugality Is Free Disclaimer review and giveaway
Yochi Yochi Squeaky Shoes

Bellamy Blue is a busy bee, now that she is up and about, walking, dancing, jumping, well even splashing her way through toddlerhood. At 15 months old our little girl is full of energy, and she loves all things girly, singing, swimming and making music.

So, when she discovered the most adorable pink Yochi Yochi squeaky shoes for toddlers and babies, Bellamy Blue squealed in delight.… Read more

Nov 082013
25 Percent Off OshKosh Coupon - Saved $183 On Holiday Outfits & More

Disclaimer: I participated in an Influencer Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for OshKosh B’gosh. I received a gift card to facilitate my shopping trip and to thank me for participating.


This past weekend, we headed to our local Oshkosh store to pick out a couple of holiday outfits, because Oshkosh has some great deals at the moment. Not only does Oshkosh have 50 percent off holiday wear, but you also get a $10 coupon, if you spend more than $50, and there is an awesome 25 percent off a purchase of $30+ Oshkosh coupon out.… Read more

Oct 172013
Holiday Gift Guide: Shabby Apple Vintage Clothing Review: The Elegant Amaryllis Dress

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Shabby Apple Amyrillis dress

Shabby Apple is by far my favorite place to shop for women’s dresses, because this online store sells some of the most beautiful vintage clothing for women. When I first spotted the dazzling Amaryllis dress from Shabby Apple, I fell in love. It was the kind of elegant dress that I’ve dreamed of fitting into for years, and I am thrilled that the many hours at our local YMCA have finally resulted in a more defined waistline.… Read more

Apr 292013
Modest Clothing Shabby Apple Review & Giveaway

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May is just around the corner, the temperatures are warming up all over the country, and it is time for picnics, barbecue parties and family get togethers in the back yard. What are you going to wear? As a young mom of 4, I want to look stylish and chic, but I also want to wear modest clothing that can keep me covered, when I am lifting up kids, playing ball or other games.… Read more

Feb 092013
Thyme Maternity Nursing Bra Review + Maternity Skin Care Giveaway

lace nursing bra

A new brand of maternity clothing and nursing wear has arrived in the US, and as a pregnant, soon to be nursing mom, I am thrilled to get more alternatives to maternity wear and nursing clothes. The Thyme maternity and nursing wear collection launched at Babies R Us this past November, and I am especially thrilled about the transitional nursing wear in their collection.… Read more

Feb 052013
Baby Guide: Robeez Baby Walking Shoes Review & $40 TinySoles Giveaway

Hot Pink Baby Shoes

In my search for the perfect first baby walking shoe, I came across TinySoles, and I spent more than an hour browsing the TinySoles website before I finally decided on the right first baby walking shoes for our little princess.

From my experience as a mom of three, I know that a first baby walking shoe needs to protect baby’s tiny feet, but it also needs to have a very flexible sole, breathable materials and be easy to put on an off.… Read more

Jan 212013
Baby Guide: The Hair Bow Company Review & $25 GC Giveaway

Expecting a baby girl after having three boys has made me absolutely crazy about pink and everything girly, which is why my little baby girl has quite a wardrobe already. Lately I have been searching for cute baby hair accessories, and this is when I came across The Hair Bow Company.

The Hair Bow Company was just what I have been looking for, because not only do they have adorable baby hair accessories in every color, they also sell the cutest baby and girl outfits.… Read more

Jan 162013
Baby Guide: New MK Logo Michael Kors Baby Shoes Review

Michael Kors Baby Shoes

Michael Kors has a special treat for expecting and new moms, because the talented designer has launched a line of logo bearing Michael Kors baby shoes. The new Michael Michael Kors baby shoes come in a MK monogrammed jacquard canvas design in either pink and fuchsia or brown and beige, and they will turn any newborn baby girl into a fashionista.… Read more

Jan 032013
Snapper Rock Sun Protective Swimwear Review

Snapper Rock Protective Swimshirt

Our family started out the new year with a trip to the beach, because living in South Florida means beach weather all year round. The sunny weather also means that we have to be extra careful with protecting the kids from the sun’s harmful rays, which is why protective swimwear is a big part of our kids’ wardrobe. 

This time of the year South Florida is busy with tourists, and we often encounter tourists with bad sunburns.… Read more

Oct 232012
Holiday Dress Review & $50 Shabby Apple Giveaway

Shabby Apple Spanish Steps Black Dress With the holiday season coming up, it is time to find that perfect holiday dress, and this year I found just what I was looking for at Shabby Apple. I have been searching for a little black dress, which was a little less “little”, a little more “mature”, and perhaps a bit more appropriate for a mother of three than the little black dresses I have in the closet from my college years.… Read more