Aug 222012
Chef's Planet Clip & Drain Review & Giveaway

Clip and Drain

Have you ever spilled pasta in the sink, because you were trying to drain water from the pot? I know I have, and while I do have a colander hidden away somewhere, it is just a hassle to have to dig it out from the back of the cabinet. This is why I am loving my newest kitchen tool, the Chef’s Planet Clip & Drain.… Read more

Aug 222012
The George Foreman Grill: Show Us Your Grill Skill Recipe Contest

George Foreman Grill with Removable PlatesMy family’s mini George Foreman has been one of the best gifts I have received for the kitchen, so when I discovered the 5 serving George Foreman Removable Plates Grill, it quickly made its way to the top of my wish list. My only issue with my small George Foreman grill is the fact that it can be difficult to clean, if it is not hot, and I was hoping that the removable plates would circumvent this problem.… Read more

May 172012
DuPont Teflon Technique Light Weight Cast Iron Pans Review & Giveaway
DuPont Teflon Technique Light Weight Cast Iron PansDid you know that it is National Egg Month? It sure is, and if you are lucky you will find some great egg deals at your local store. I know I have found some great deals, which means my family has been eating a lot of egg dishes. My new DuPont Teflon Technique Light Weight Cast Iron Pans have made cooking omelets and other meals with egg as a main ingredeint much easier, and cleaning afterward has become a breeze instead of chore.… Read more
May 072012
Chef's Planet BBQ & Grill Mat Review & Giveaway

Grill matHere in South Florida we grill all year round, but there is just something about May that says it’s time to grill. I grill dinner at least twice a month, and it is everything from steaks to burgers, pizzas and veggies. Grilling has endless possibilities, but my personal favorite is grilled pizza. Lately I have been grilling a lot of vegetables with my new Chef’s Planet Grill & Mat, because it makes grilling veggies a lot easier.… Read more

Nov 162010
Family Holiday Wish List: Head Chefs Cooking Tools For Kids Review & Giveaway
head chefs cooking tools for kids
Our Head Chefs Family
As a mother of three boys I consider it my duty as a woman to teach them how to cook and bake. This means that they always help me out, whenever we are making something special in the kitchen, and they love it. Lately my kids have been even more eager to help me cook, because they have been using their cool new cooking tools for kids from Head Chefs.… Read more
Nov 112010
Frugal Baking: Home Made Birthday Cakes w/ A Nordic Ware Cake Pan

For as long as I have been a mother, I have been dreaming of owning a kids cake pan, so that I could make a cool homemade birthday cake. My wish finally came true, as I am now the owner of not one cake pan, but three fantastic Nordic Ware cake pans.

Nordic Ware generously sent me three awesome kids cake pans to review for them, and I opened the box from Nordic Ware with very excited hands.… Read more

Nov 102010
Family Holiday Wish List: 3 Nordic Ware Cake Pans Review & Giveaway


For my husband’s recent birthday the boys and I went all out. Instead of bringing home a store-bought cake, we baked them ourselves with our new Nordic Ware pro cast cake pans. These cake pans are fabulous, and the Nordic Ware cake pans will make great gifts for the holidays.
Our three fabulous cake pans from Nordic Ware gave cause to great joy at my house, as my three boys uncovered one fantastic Nordic Ware cake pan after another.… Read more