Apr 092016
Earn Rewards From Recyclebank


We’ve been members of Recyclebank for years, and it is one of our favorite rewards programs. Not only do we get points forour curbside recycling, but we also earn points for learning about recycling and green living. All the points add up quickly, and we redeem them for weekly $3 off $30 Publix coupons plus gift cards, and it is a great way of saving on our budget all while living a greener lifestyle.… Read more

Apr 082016
Receipt Hog Review

Receipt Hog

We do a lot of shopping, but our shopping trip does not end when we swipe the card, because there are so many great ways of earning gift cards when you shop. Receipt Hog is a smartphone app that rewards you points for taking a photo of your receipt and submitting it.

It is simple to do, and if you get into the habit of submitting your receipts every week, then you will get extra bonus spins that in return will give you more points.… Read more

Feb 032016
Our Money Making Guide: How To Get Extra Income From Home

making money

Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, a single mom or dad, a parent needing to earn a little extra or a student wanting to earn some extra money there are so many ways to make money. This list is not meant to substitute a regular full-time job, but more as one-stop guide for anyone looking to making money from home.

This is an extensive guide, so you might want to bookmark it and come back to read, whenever you have a little time



Ways To Make Money:

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Jul 212015
Earn Money Online with Instant Cash Sweepstakes

instant cash sweepstakes

It is no secret that I love to shop, and I don’t think it is any secret that I am on a pretty tight budget either. So, how do I combine the two? Coupons and Sales! Yes, coupons and sales go a long way, but I still have to spend money to save…which is why I love earning gift cards and money online, because as a stay-at-home mom this is my extra spending money.… Read more

Jul 202015
What Is Swagbucks?

Earn rewards


Here at Frugality Is Free we are often asked “What Is Swagbucks?” Simply put, Swagbucks is a website where you can earn rewards for doing simple tasks such as taking daily polls, playing games and you can even watch videos for gift cards.

We are also frequently asked if Swagbucks is legit, if Swagbucks is a scam and is Swagbucks safe.… Read more

Jun 292015
2X Encrave Earnings At Swagbucks

Swagbucks is running an awesome double earnings bonus, and I am already taking advantage. Are you?

For 2 days , June 29th & Tuesday, June 30th (Pacific Daylight Time), you can earn double Swagbucks for your Encrave activities.

Your doubled SB earnings from Encrave will credit on the following day, so the SB that you earned via Encrave on Monday will be credited Tuesday as a bonus.… Read more

Jun 222015
Earn Amazon Gift Cards with Bing Rewards

Our youngest son is turning 6 next month, and with our limited gift budget earning Amazon gift cards online is how we buy a special gift  for the kids for birthdays and Christmas.

bing rewards logo

We have two main sources of earning Amazon gift certificates online – Swagbucks and Bing Rewards. Between these two sites, we are able to earn $25 – $50 in Amazon gift cards each months, all of which adds up plenty of gift money for our family of six.… Read more

Apr 082015
Real Ways to Earn Money Online - Get Gift Cards From Swagbucks

Here in the Frugality Is Free family, we always look ahead, and truth be told, it is the only way that we can afford to make Christmas and birthdays special and gift-filled for our four kids. When we first started out in our search to earn money online eighth years ago, we slowly began earning a little here and there. Eighth years later we have found a great balance between time spent and what we earn, and yes there are many real ways to earn money online.… Read more

Jan 282015
Earn Gift Cards With Superpoints - Our Member Update


I’ve written about Superpoints many times over the years, and when the site returned last year I was skeptical about the return. Now, I’m ready to give my verdict.

In recent months Superpoints has made several improvements, including improvements tot heir superpoints button, which was running very slow. I’m thrilled to say that it is now easy and quick to go though the daily spins, and yes it is actually possible to win Superpoints too.… Read more

Aug 012014
Superpoints Is Back - Earn Target Gift Cards & More


Superpoints is back, and you can now earn Target gift cards and much more. So check it out and start saving up gift cards for Christmas shopping now.

Superpoints used to be our favorite online earning site, and we won lots of great gift cards. The site seemed almost too good to be true though, and we knew it was only a matter of time before the site would either have to make drastic changes or go under.… Read more

Apr 102014
Earn Amazon Gift Certificates with Bing Rewards - Start Saving Up For Christmas Now!

Our family loves shopping at Amazon, but we do not like spending money. This is why we always try to earn Amazon gift certificates for doing things that we would be doing anyway. Bing Rewards is one of our favorite, and fastest, ways of earning Amazon gift certificates, and it is nice to see how quickly the Amazon gift certificates add up.… Read more

Feb 182014
Earn Gift Cards With Bing Rewards (Amazon, Dominos, Fandango & More)

bing rewards logo

Last summer our family’s SLR camera broke, and even though we had a small Canon point-and-shoot, I had a new SLR camera on my wish list, so that I could take beautiful photos of our children.  At the end of the year, I finally managed to get a new SLR camera using mainly Amazon gift cards, which we had received from several rewards websites including Bing Rewards.… Read more