Oct 032011
Kim & Scott's Gourmet Pretzels Review & Giveaway
kim and scotts pretzels
Kim & Scott’s Gourmet Pretzels are delicious handmade stuffed pretzels with great-tasting toppings that fill you up with their whole grains and a variety of flavors.
My personal favorites are the Cinnamon Roll and the Chocolate Crumb pretzels from Kim & Scott’s Gourmet Pretzels, because the sweet filling is flavorful and reminiscent of sweet rolls and chocolate cake but with a wholesome pretzel twist. 
gourmet pretzels
gourmet pretzels
Unfortunately I recently discovered that my local Publix stores no longer sells my favorite flavors of Kim & Scott’s Gourmet Pretzels, and I now envy those of you who have them in your stores.… Read more
Jun 102011
Newtons Fruit Thins Review Cranberry Citrus Oat
I am always looking for great tasting snacks that I can bring on the road for the kids. We are always off somewhere walking, either to school, to the park, to the playground or to the beach, and whenever the kids wants a snack, I prefer to pull out a snack from my own bag than to pay for something on the road.… Read more
Apr 242011
Mossy Bayou Gift Pack Review & Giveaway (Lousiana Style Cajun Specialty Foods)
I recently received a gift box of Cajun inspired Louisiana foods and seasonings from Mossy Bayou Foods, a Louisiana based company, and I have been very impressed. My family eats a lot of spicy foods, and we are not afraid to try something new. In the past some Cajun style foods have impressed us, while others fell short, so I was eager to see, how the Cajun food products from Mossy Bayou Foods would be received by my entire family. 
Mossy Bayou Foods offers great Cajun food products, and if you are looking for real Cajun flavor, Mossy Bayou Foods has a great Louisiana style Cajun food selection. 

Cajun Style Chicken with Pop Corn Rice from Mossy Bayou Foods
Last night I made Cajun style chicken with pop corn rice from Mossy Bayou Foods, and it was a hit with my family.… Read more
Mar 102011
Gorton's Seafood Review & Giveaway
My family does not eat much sea food, and to tell you the truth the cost has a lot to do with it. On rare occasions my husband will cook his Jamaican fish dish, or I will cook salmon or breaded tilapia but that is about it. My family had never tried Gorton’s Seafood, so when we got the chance to try out several varieties, we were very excited.… Read more
Feb 282011
Raisels Review and Giveaway (Real Fruit Snacks)

As a mom I often find it difficult to navigate through the snack and candy aisles, because lots of snacks are advertised as healthy and fruity, but quite often I wonder where the actual fruit is and how healthy the snack can really be. While I do my best to ensure that my children eat nutritious meals and that they get lots of fruits and vegetables, my children do get plenty of snacks as well.… Read more

Nov 212010
Bob Evans Mashed Potatoes Review & Giveawway
Earlier this week I received a bag of potatoes in the mail, or at least that is what it looked like. After a bit of investigation I found Bob Evans Mashed Potatoes inside of the potato bag.
This was the first time that we tried any Bob Evans product, so we were all eager to taste the Bob Evans mashed potatoes.… Read more